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Tick Removal

Tick Removal Plainfield, IL


Although small, ticks are one creature that should be taken seriously. Ticks are known to transmit diseases like Lyme disease, Tularemia and Babesiosis, which if left untreated, can be life threatening. Plainfield seems to be one area to have a higher than normal tick population; which can be most likely attributed to the high amount of corn fields that ticks use as a breeding ground. At Mosquito Squad of Chicago, by far the most effective solution for eliminating these ticks and other pests from your yard, is with the routine application of our industry defining barrier sprays. All it takes is one 30-minute treatment and your yard will be tick free for up to 21 days and you don’t even have to be home when the treatment is being applied. Your technician will leave a tag on your door indicating that treatment has taken place. The best part is our barrier sprays also repel other disease causing insects like fleas, mosquitoes, and chiggers. Your Plainfield yard will be the relaxing area that you have been wanting.


There are some simple things that you can do to minimize the contact that you have with ticks. Ticks main way of getting onto their prey is by lying in wait on tall grass and latch on as their subject brushes past. One way to prevent this from happening is by sticking to marked paths when hiking. You should also wear clothing that covers your arms and legs; especially when working in your yard. After spending time in an area with ticks, it is crucial that you check yourself thoroughly before entering your car or home. Also, if your pet is with you in the outdoors, make sure to take your time while checking them because of all the extra areas that the ticks can hide. By far the most effective way of preventing ticks from getting on you in your yard is by having the experts at Mosquito Squad of Chicago eliminate them all together with the application of one of our patented barrier sprays.


Since most yards in Plainfield have a higher than average tick population, the experts at Mosquito Squad of Chicago recommend the implementation of our extremely effective tick tubes. With our tick tubes, we have mice do all the work for us. Each of our tubes are filled with fluff that is coated in an insecticide that mice take and use to construct their nests. Once in the nest, the insecticide coats the mice’s fur which kills any tick that the mice later come in contact with. If we are able to kill the tick at its food source, we will greatly reduce the tick population that is threatening you and your family.


Ticks are known to stay on their prey for up to a week, that if left unfound, greatly increases the risk of transmitting a disease. Once a tick attaches to your skin, it is important to remove it as quickly and as carefully as possible. There are many strategies out in the world today that simply don’t work and can actually be harmful. The safest way of removing a tick is by grabbing the base of the ticks’ head with tweezers and by slowly pulling it away from your skin. Once free from your skin, it is best to kill the tick and properly dispose of it either in the toilet or outside garbage can. You want to keep ticks out of your Plainfield home as much as possible; alive or dead.

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