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Mosquito Control in Kenilworth, Illinois

Who We Are: Mosquito Squad of Chicago, Serving Kenilworth, Illinois

You'll be in for a treat whether you come to Kenilworth for its parks and fantastic outdoor activities or to gawk at the many magnificent houses. It's one of the top ten wealthiest municipalities in the country. The mosquitoes and ticks enjoy visiting too, so residents will face pressure unless they take safeguards, mainly because the state has dealt with mosquito and tick-borne diseases in the last two decades.

But don't worry; Mosquito Squad of Chicago's mission in the Kenilworth neighborhood is to safeguard everyone, including their pets, as well as your events. Every day, we spend time learning about these insects and how to protect ourselves from them.

Our Barrier Protection Treatment keeps ticks and mosquitoes away for up to 21 days and kills up to 90 percent of them, while our all-natural treatment keeps them away for 14 days.

Mosquito Control in Kenilworth, Illinois

Because of their high susceptibility to mosquito bites, those who work or participate in outdoor festivities are at an increased risk of illness. Severe sickness can strike without warning at any time. Women over the age of sixty have the most significant risk of developing a severe illness. People with heart, renal, or asthma problems are also more likely to contract a mosquito-borne disease.

Mosquito Squad of Chicago, serving the Kenilworth area, hates it when the neighborhood gets overrun by pests, especially as a locally run business. As a result, we provide a service that includes assessing and treating any problematic locations in your home. After that, we utilize our Barrier Protection technique, which keeps mosquitoes away for another 21 days. Right through the season, we return to spray.

Tick Control in Kenilworth, Illinois

Ticks are among the most harmful pests to contact since they may carry infections and viruses to anyone, including Lyme Disease. Ticks are notorious for latching themselves to people and dogs to eat their blood, so avoiding ticks is critical for health status and well-being.

You can come upon ticks throughout the United States, especially Illinois, during the warmer months. Among several tick species found in the state, inhabitants should be cautious of the American dog and Blacklegged ticks.

Ticks are more frequent in the spring and throughout the summer whenever the climate is rainy, according to the Mosquito Squad of Chicago, which serves the Kenilworth region.

As a result, if you use a season plan, we will spray your property every 21 days, even before cold weather starts. We look for and eliminate any pests. We often use the tick tube approach if you live near woody regions.

All-Natural Mosquito Control Kenilworth, Illinois

Numerous residents have expressed an interest in an all-natural mosquito repellant. The Mosquito Squad of Chicago, which serves the Kenilworth region, is at the top of its game when meeting people's requirements.

The all-natural treatment is what it claims to be, with no additional ingredients. It has a botanical aroma that lasts for a few hours before dispersing, and it comprises three essential oils.

For 14 days, it keeps insects and ticks at bay. Don't fret; if you register for the season plan, we'll come back in the summer to treat the lawn. Even if you're not present, we'll take care of it for you.

We'll write you a message. We can employ the all-natural technique in your garden, retail spaces, or perhaps an event location. To ensure your safety, we observe all applicable local, state, and federal rules and regulations.

Why Mosquito Squad of Chicago

We've been honing our craft for fifteen years, and our service has satisfied over 300,000 homes. We used a traditional and all-natural method to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks in the area. Because we are confident in our skilled staff, materials, and processes, we provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers. We have received recognition both locally and abroad. Because we live in the communities, we care about them. Fill out the contact form or call our knowledgeable customer service professionals at (630) 556-8315 to go back outside as soon as possible.

Customers Love Us. Mosquitoes Hate Us.

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  • “We get the tick service for our dog. We can’t thank Mosquito Squad enough!” - Darec & Sandy L.
  • “I will NEVER have a summer without Mosquito Squad!” - Jane P.
  • “I am a believer! After one treatment I noticed a huge difference. Huge! Now, after 3 treatments, I marvel at how much time I've spent outside this summer. Thank you for giving me my outdoors back.” - Connie B.
  • “We have been long time customers of Mosquito Squad. We tried another company a few years back, but their product didn't work as well. Not only does the product work and allow us to enjoy the outdoors, ...” - Mary
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