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Meet the Team at Mosquito Squad of Chicago

What Sets Our Chicago Mosquito Elimination Team Apart

Mosquito Squad was started in 2005, when we used our Protective Barrier Treatment to provide mosquito relief for outdoor lighting installers. It worked so well that we made the Protective Barrier Treatment the core of our service, and we started sharing its benefits with families all over the United States. Since then, we’ve served over 300,000 properties with more than 2 million treatments, helping our customers turn their yards into mosquito-free paradises.

Though the Protective Barrier Treatment is still our signature service, Mosquito Squad of Chicago also offers naturalessential oil treatments, tick elimination treatments, automatic misting machines, one-time outdoor event sprays, and more. All our treatments are administered by highly trained technicians , who each know the science and technique of highly-effective pest elimination. Here at Mosquito Squad of Chicago we specialize in an naturalprotection treatment and proudly serve residents throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

Mosquito Squad of Chicago is a proud recipient of the 2020 BBB Complaint Free Award.

A National Brand Powered by Local Experts

Every Mosquito Squad location is locally owned and operated, which means you’re getting service from people who know what you’re going through (and how to fix it). Every treatment comes with our 21-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your results don’t meet your expectations, we’ll come back and offer a second treatment free of charge, or your money back.

Who We Are

Why offer a generous satisfaction guarantee? Why does our treatment avoid plants that attract bees or butterflies? Why do we offer $1 to malaria prevention and research for every treatment we sell? Because Mosquito Squad is unlike any other pest elimination company in the world: we truly care about our customers enjoying their outdoor space.

For us, the point of mosquito or tick control is not killing bugs; it’s to let you enjoy your backyard with peace of mind. It’s to let your children play without worrying about whatever mosquito-borne illness you heard about on the news. It’s about protecting what’s yours while still retaining the nature and magic of your outdoor space.

It’s also about eliminating malaria. It’s why Mosquito Squad of Chicago works with Malaria No More to put an end to the hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide that occur due to mosquito-borne illnesses. When you hire our team, you’re also helping create a better world for children in countries that have yet to eliminate malaria.

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