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Mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures in the world, whether you know it or not. They're indiscriminate about whom they have their next meal from, animals or humans; they will bite anything with a pulse. It's why over 600,000 people die each year from Mosquito-borne diseases; they're able to multiply rapidly via bodies of water both big as a lake and as small as a pail of water left outside and filled with rain. With mosquitoes, however, a bite won't do much, but the pathogens it transmits will. To keep your family safe, it's about time to get the best protection in mosquito control from the Mosquito Squad of Chicago. We offer three essential services that keep mosquitoes and other pest insects away from a day to all summer long, depending on your needs in Lockport. The first is our barrier treatment which keeps your yard free from mosquitoes for two to three weeks, and the second is our special event treatment which is perfect for a graduation or a family get-together.

There's no need to spend hundreds this year on consumer products that do very little to repel mosquitoes except for the immediate area they're in; this includes personal mosquito repellents that are usually quite sticky and leave a residue. A yard at night can have thousands of mosquitoes in the immediate area if it doesn't have adequate protection to repel them. Fortunately, a service exists in the Chicagoland area that creates an invisible barrier around your yard without the need to do anything yourself. At Mosquito Squad of Chicago, our sprays are guaranteed to work and EPA-registered not to harm the environment, animals, or your family. We start the process by coming out to your house and surveying the immediate area in your backyard. We'll then eliminate any spots in the backyard that can be or already are breeding grounds for thousands of mosquitoes. From there, we apply the correct amount of fine mist around your property that creates the invisible barrier, paying extra attention to large plants and hidden areas, such as underneath a deck. You'll enjoy dual defense against mosquitos and ticks for up to three whole weeks thanks to our barrier treatment from The Squad!

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