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You have probably already noticed that the mosquito problem is worsening yearly. You have probably already received a mosquito bite this year. The mosquito season starts earlier each year while also lasting longer. The worst part, many of the old ways of dealing with these pests are less effective than they once were. Solutions like insect repellents and all of the gimmicky candles are increasing in price while decreasing in effectiveness. The experts at Mosquito Squad of Chicago are here to help. Our answer to your mosquito problem is the utilization of one of our mosquito barrier sprays. Each of these sprays is custom-tailored to your yard and will be perfect for your Oak Lawn home.

All of the products you could buy at the store for mosquito control require you to frequently apply hazardous chemicals in your yard that produce mediocre results. Fortunately for you, we like to do things a little differently around here. The professionals at Mosquito Squad of Chicago will treat your yard with one of our industry-defining barrier sprays and will help protect your yard from disease-causing insects for up to three weeks. Our sprays will also kill and repel other harmful insects like ticks, fleas, and gnats. It is also important to mention that each of our mosquito control solutions is registered with the EPA and is used nationwide. Our mosquito barrier sprays set us apart from the competition and would make your Oak Lawn backyard as safe as it should be.

Mosquitoes are by far the most dangerous creature in the united states because of the horrible disease they spread. Most of the competitor’s sprays have dramatic adverse effects on the planet's health while not producing the desired results. We are proud to offer a 100% green solution that will not negatively impact the planet's health. Our eco-friendly options are nearly as effective as our standard sprays and will keep your Oak Lawn home safe from biting mosquitoes for up to three weeks. Each application is custom-tailored to your backyard to maximize effectiveness. We are confident that we can deal with any mosquito problem you may have.

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