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Country Club Hills

One of the deadliest creatures on the planet calls your yard home. With most of the mosquito solutions on the market today, you can expect less-than-ideal results and for all the sprays and traps to cost you a lot of money, but not with Mosquito Squad of Chicago. We are the leading professionals in mosquito control, and none of the other competitors can come close to what we can provide you and your family. Each of our sprays is completely customized for your property, maximizing the effect each treatment will have on the incredibly dangerous mosquitoes. We will make your Country Club Hills yard as safe as possible.


Controlling mosquito populations with our mosquito barrier sprays is simple and only takes up to 15 minutes to complete a treatment and another 30 minutes to cure. Once dry, the application is safe for your family and friends. Not only do these treatments protect your family, but we also eliminate mosquito breeding locations to keep your yard protected for up to three weeks. Mosquito Squad of Chicago is the number one Country Club Hills residential mosquito control source in the area and will provide you with the bug-free backyard you have been dreaming about. Not planning on being home for your scheduled time? No problem at all, one of our experts will still come out to take care of your property and will leave a notice on your door to indicate which treatment was carried out. This is the most efficient mosquito control solution on the market today. A mosquito expert will be dispatched to your Country Club Hills home and will look over your property to eliminate any mosquito breeding areas. We will treat your property with one of our signature barrier sprays and eliminate 80-90% of your mosquito problem. With every mosquito barrier treatment, you will also receive a complete satisfaction guarantee, so if you are unhappy with your treatment, we will come out to retreat your yard.

Every day, the chance of catching a mosquito-borne disease is becoming more likely. Here at Mosquito Squad of Chicago, we are glad to offer 100% green solutions to pest control that have no adverse effect on fragile ecosystems. Our Natural Mosquito Treatment option will provide you and your family with superior, long-lasting, reliable mosquito protection. Every one of our solutions is registered by the EPA. If you have a get-together or barbecue coming up, you can schedule a special event treatment before to ensure that your guests won't be swatting bugs in your insect-free Country Club Hills backyard.

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