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In the past couple of years, mosquitoes have become even more dangerous than ever, making them the most deadly creature in the world. If only there were a way of protecting your home from this dangerous threat. Frankfort, Illinois, welcome to your definitive solution for mosquito problems. These beautiful suburbs of Chicago lie just between the lake and the rivers – the perfect spot for raising a family and living life to the fullest. Unfortunately, it is also an ideal spot for hungry swaths of mosquito populations. We’ve got you covered, Frankfort. We are the number-one area experts on broad-spectrum mosquito control and mosquito prevention. In addition to our highly effective mosquito control services, we also specialize in tick control and prevention. Our best-selling, most effective product is our industry-defining barrier sprays, and we know that this will be the solution that puts an end to your mosquito problem.

There is a good reason why our barrier sprays are our best sellers; they simply work. No other company offers a solution that is as effective as our barrier sprays. Our service starts with your call. Upon your call, we will assess your individual on-site needs. From here, we dispatch a specialized treatment vehicle equipped with state-of-art misting equipment. The property or area to be treated is then treated, and the customer can go on living tick and mosquito-free. The entire process is EPA-registered and overseen as well. The mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs are eliminated while you, your family, and your pets experience nothing more than an astonishing lack of bug bites. We guarantee you this is the answer to providing you and your family with a safe, insect-free yard.

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