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Brookfield Backyard Mosquito Control

Whether you live in an area with standing water in creaks and sloughs, or in a small community area, mosquitoes can be a problem, especially when you’re having friends over to enjoy your yard. Sure, you can get a mosquito tent or put up insect repelling torches and candles to fend off the swarms, but somehow at the end of the evening you are still blanketed with mosquito bites. Even the consistent application of bug sprays that leave you smelling of horrible chemicals don’t seem to work. Mosquitoes keep buzzing in your face and humming by your ears, and it feels like you are spending more time inside instead of enjoying the gorgeous weather in your beautiful Brookfield backyard. Mosquito Squad of Chicago is here to take care of your disease causing pests for you. We provide many solutions that are exceptionally efficient at handling any degree of mosquito problem that you may have. By far our most popular product that we provide is one of our mosquito barrier sprays. These sprays will exterminate any disease-causing insect on contact while also keeping repel them from your yard.

Mosquito Barrier Sprays

At Mosquito Squad of Chicago, our main solution for killing mosquitoes is through scheduled applications of our signature barrier sprays at your home in Brookfield, IL. Each treatment remains effective for up to three weeks and not only exterminates, but also repels mosquitoes. In addition, our barrier sprays effectively protect against a number of other dangerous pests, like ticks, gnats, chiggers, and fleas. Every one of our barrier treatment formulas are registered with, and approved by the EPA. We also offer an naturalbarrier treatment option that will not negatively affect the health of the planet. We are recognized nationwide as the leaders in backyard pest control, and as customer service professionals. Our top priority, at Mosquito Squad of Chicago, is your protection against mosquitoes, ticks, and other backyard pests.

Brookfield Mosquito Misting Systems

Many of the options on the market today have an adverse effect on the health of the planet while also having little to no effect on the mosquito problem. Here at Mosquito Squad of Chicago we are happy to offer 100% green solutions that are almost as effective as our regular barrier sprays and can be utilized with any of our mosquito misting systems. The Mosquito Squad’s licensed professionals are the leaders in keeping public areas free from annoying and potentially deadly mosquitoes and ticks. Beyond misting for adult mosquitoes, we apply larvicide to mosquito pupae, implement abatement programs targeted at juvenile ticks, and educate our clients. Our treatments are formulated to eliminate the target vectors while reducing the impact on non-targeted species. Your Brookfield home will finally be free of all the annoying, stinging insects.

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