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Living in the Burbank area in the summertime can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance, not because you live there, but because of certain pests that are seemingly out to ruin your summer. Those pests are mosquitoes, and you have to deal with them summer after summer, relentless little insects that go above and beyond to get their next meal. Sure, if it was just a bite here or there it might not be so bad. Although, it's not just a bite. There's also the worry of an allergic reaction, itchy skin and at the very worst contracting a mosquito-borne disease such as the dreaded Zika Virus. So the next logical step is to buy some consumer-grade mosquito control products that end up not working for very long or not well at all. So we offer an alternative, our mosquito control solutions exclusively through Mosquito Squad of Chicago. We offer Barrier Sprays for three week-long protection; Special Event Sprays for the one-time need & of course our Mosquito Misting system which is perfect for precise control. So give us a call, we'd love to assist in making your summer the best summer ever.


When looking for the proper mosquito control for your backyard or property it can be hard to determine the effectiveness based off of an advertisement on radio or TV. So you would have to buy said product and hope for the best and when it doesn't work, you're basically out of luck. It's an unfortunate truth when it comes to mosquito control, but it's one of the main reasons why Mosquito Squad was founded. We saw a need for safe, yet effective pest control for the United States. That need led us to create the Barrier Treatment that is used today in thousands if not millions of yards across America. It's an EPA-approved, mosquito killing formula stops not only mosquitoes but other nuisance bugs such as gnats. It creates an invisible wall that surrounds your yard, this way mosquitoes never have a chance to get to you. We're sure you'll love it which is why we have a satisfaction guarantee on all of our treatment services. Not seeing a difference? We'll respray. Still not seeing a difference? We'll refund your money. It's the perfect solution to solve your mosquito issues in your yard. So give a call to The Squad, Mosquito Squad.


Mosquito control experts agree; with certain yards, it can be very hard if not near impossible to handle the constant onslaught of mosquitoes. Especially when living close to a body of water or near a forest, mosquitoes can quickly overwhelm any anti-mosquito measures you might have in place. Our barrier sprays are perfect for almost every yard, but for the owner that wants consistent protection day after day, our Mosquito Misting System is ideal for this. It's a 100% hands-off, automated system that will apply a light mist to your yard periodically throughout the day. The times that the mist will be used are based upon a few things; Your mosquito control needs, the area that the system is installed in & when mosquitoes are most active. It's a delicate balance that our computer handles day-after-day, week-after-week effortlessly until we visit your property to winterize the system for the winter. So, if you're looking for the best of the best, look no further than the Mosquito Misting System from Mosquito Squad of Chicago.

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If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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