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When thinking of the deadliest animal or insect in the world, very few people think Mosquitoes. They'll usually think something along the lines of a bear or perhaps a shark, not realizing they don't even come close to the killing power of the mosquito. What makes the mosquito the deadliest is the ability for it to harbor diseases that kill. These diseases, such as West Nile or Zika Virus, can be fatal if not treated properly. Which is why in third world countries they see thousands die from a simple bite. Here in America, it's still imperative to keep your family safe and away from these mosquito-borne illnesses. Consumer grade products such as Off! or Cutter are okay for a certain period of time, usually around a few hours. But when more effective & longer protection is needed, The Squad is here to ensure your safety with our services in Evergreen Park. The Barrier Sprays, The Special Event Sprays & our Mosquito Misting System.


The ideal solution for anyone anywhere in the summertime is not to have to worry about dealing with annoying pests such as the mosquito. There's not a single person in the Chicagoland area who doesn't want to eliminate the constant buzzing & bites that mosquitoes bring. As in the previous paragraph, you could use consumer products, but you're going to want something more efficient. Enter the Barrier Treatment; our patented, EPA-approved treatment is perfect for summertime protection from pests & other nuisance insects as the invisible barrier stops them quite quickly. The treatment is effective for a 14 to 21-day period, way longer than what the other guys offer. When ready to start the process, we'll then come out for a free consultation of your backyard. During the consultation, we then find mosquito "hotspots" that we can eliminate before misting. We'll then begin the misting of your yard, with the ideal amount being applied. Once done, we provide peace of mind with a satisfaction guarantee!


When looking for the best of the best, cream of the crop protection against summertime pests look no further than our primary product, the Mosquito Misting System. It's an incredibly yet meticulous solution for anyone's backyard mosquito woes. Whether your yard is 200 square feet or a few acres, we're sure this is the best product for your needs. It comprises of a permanently installed, barrel & hose system that's controlled by a state-of-the-art misting control system. Installed by Mosquito Squad of Chicago, we also perform monthly maintenance on the system as well as winterizing it in the wintertime. We set it to go off during peak times of the day in which mosquitoes are most active, when you're home & depending on the area that your house is located in. Once you schedule an appointment, we then set out to find the best area of your yard to install the system and ensure its effectiveness by monitoring it and making changes based upon your feedback. So go ahead, give us a call. We'd love to help you have a better summer.

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