Squad Fly Control

Professional Gnat and Fly Management

From large filth flies to small and pesky gnats, flies are more than an annoyance; they also pose a risk to public health.  Flies are attracted to waste and may carry germs throughout your yard and home.  They can quickly spread diseases when landing on new surfaces as they regurgitate and excrete liquids to make room for more food.

The Squad Fly Control package is designed to manage fly, no-see-um, and gnat populations outdoors, helping prevent them from traveling indoors.

Learn how the Squad Fly Control package can help you get rid of flies outside – and help keep them from getting inside. Call our pest professionals at (877) 332-2239 or contact us online for a free quote.

How Fly and Gnat Control Service Works

The Squad Fly Control pest package takes our fly control, no-see-um control, and gnat control services to the next level with a comprehensive and prescriptive approach to fly management.  With this pest package, Mosquito Squad’s highly trained professionals will treat the flies on your property with one bundled service.

Our 4-step process to manage flies:

  1. Yard cleanup & sanitization – Knowing that flies are attracted to waste and decaying matter and carry germs wherever they land, the first step to treatment is removing and sanitizing sources that attract flies, including food and trash containers, and old standing water.
  2. Yard inspection – We’ll inspect and communicate our findings regarding common gnat, no-see-um, and fly hot spots, including gardens, standing water, trash and compost, sunny areas where flies land for warmth, and shaded hiding spots.  This will aid in strategizing a thorough and accurate treatment.
  3. Fly treatment – Once we’ve identified fly breeding grounds and gnat, no-see-um, and fly-heavy areas, outdoor treatment can begin.  Our EPA-registered fly and gnat barrier spray treatment controls pests on contact and helps deter them for up to 21 days.  Your initial treatment will be a robust cleanout to reduce the problem.  We then recommend follow-up services as necessary to keep fly populations under control.  As part of our approach, we will also strategically place fly baits and our natural fly trap to ensure control.  Finally, when necessary, insect growth regulators may be used to ensure small fly populations are controlled.
  4. Ongoing management – To make the most of your treatment, our team will offer tips based on your property to manage flies between services.  For example, reducing breeding sites, placing bait cards near garbage cans, deploying traps, and promptly picking up waste from pets, and more.

The Importance of Regular Fly Treatment

Flies are vectors for many diseases including eye infections such as conjunctivitis and stomach infections such as dysentery.  Not only do flies spread harmful infectious agents, but some, including deer and horse flies, can also bite and irritate you and your pets.

When you have a couple of flies on your property they can quickly lead to a larger issue as females may lay anywhere from 75-150 eggs five or six times in their lifetime!  The lifetime of a fly can vary from a couple of weeks to a few months depending on the type of fly. Due to the rate at which these pests can multiply and the many health risks they pose, a fly infestation may ruin your time outside.  Regulating fly, gnat, and no-see-um populations with professional treatment helps keep everyone protected from these pesky pests!

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The ultimate fly defense is all-in-one Squad Fly Control, our long-term gnat, no-see-um, and fly-repellent service.

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SQUAD FLY CONTROL DISCLAIMER: Service packages may vary by location. Please check with your local Mosquito Squad to confirm what services are available in your area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some flies like bad smells?

Flies are attracted to bad smells like rotting organic matter and fecal matter because they indicate food sources and places for breeding.  Old food and trash are soft and moist, making it great for laying eggs.  Adult flies and their larvae will both feed on the decaying matter.

What causes a fly infestation?

Uncovered food, rotting trash, pet feces left in your yard, poor drainage in your yard, compost piles, and more can attract flies and lead to an infestation.  Be sure to properly clean your yard and store food to help prevent a fly infestation.

What attracts gnats?

Like most flies, gnats are attracted to damp decaying matter as places to feed and breed. Gnats and flies are also attracted to fruity and sweet smells. Gnats are commonly found in parts of your yard with high moisture and standing water, as they require moisture, such as damp soil, for breeding.

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