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Renate SPILGER Profile Image


(in the last week)

"Thanks to the amazing team and treatment from Mosquito Squad, we can finally enjoy our yard & pool again!"

Sue Adams Profile Image

Sue Adams

(a week ago)

"We've used Mosquito Squad for nearly five years and are extremely happy with their product and service. We have recommended the company several times and several neighbors have also become customers. We live along a golf course in the greenbelt area where mosquitoes are an ongoing problem. We are also concerned about protecting our dog from mosquito transmitted diseases. Mosquito Squad service makes it possible to enjoy our outdoor spaces in comfort."

Sally Guenther Profile Image

Sally Guenther

(2 weeks ago)

"We have used Mosquito Squad for about 3 years. Very best money spent! Not only does their service kill the mosquitos but we have also had the extra benefit of very few scorpions. We have recommended this company to many friends, they are all happy!!"

serena galindo Profile Image

serena galindo

(2 weeks ago)

"I highly recommend Mosquito Squad for their exceptional exterminator service. Since hiring them, I've had no more issues with critters. They consistently arrive on time, are courteous, and even inform me when they're on their way, allowing me to secure my dogs. Their professionalism is truly commendable."

Franny Finn Profile Image

Franny Finn

(a month ago)

"I have used these guys last summer for the first time they came and sprayed for mosquitoes and ticks the same day. Before them my new puppy was covered with ticks 24 hours later I didn’t see one for the entire season I recommend them highly"

The Revills Profile Image

The Revills

(2 months ago)

"Ernest is the greatest! He worked very hard to help get our very complicated property taken care of and has been the reason we have been so pleased with this company! If you are lucky enough to have Ernest, you are in the best hands!"

Mae Edwards Profile Image

Mae Edwards

(3 months ago)

"Jonathan was so kind, helpful and professional. I’m a fan of Mosquito Squad and of Jonathan’s great work! Perfection!"

Rochelle Bochner Profile Image

Rochelle Bochner

(4 months ago)

"First time using and very responsive and professional. Hoping it helps with our terrible mosquito problem. Stay tuned!"

Dustin Griffin Profile Image

Dustin Griffin

(4 months ago)

"We have a big property and have had major issues this year with mosquitos. We had a very popular named company come out to treat multiple times over months with no change and no real assessment of the property. They kinda just put down “traps” and left. So we decided to try out mosquito squad. They came out and did a full assignment of property and we found some things we had to do at the property to help and then then came out to treat. After the first treatment it got a little better. They came out a second time and that did the trick. Didn’t get rid of all of them but pretty close to it. Again that was explained by the technician because of the large property. Now my kids can play outside after dark without getting bit to death. Guys are very professional, on time and very knowledgeable about bugs. They also have different levels of treatment options depending on your needs."

Rosemary Hintz Profile Image

Rosemary Hintz

(4 months ago)

"We’ve had a great experience working with Mosquito Squad. The communications prior to coming via text, is awesome. Do we still have mosquitoes, yes. But not nearly as much without their services."