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Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment

Backyard Mosquito Control Barrier Protection

We understand the annoyances and health dangers that mosquitoes pose to you, your family, and your pets. Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance – they also transmit serious diseases. That is why Mosquito Squad is committed to doing everything in our power to eradicate these irritating bloodsuckers. Since 2005, our Traditional Barrier Treatment has been countless mosquitoes’ worst nightmare. By applying our effective mosquito control treatment around your home and backyard, we can kill and keep mosquitoes away for up to 21 days.

Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes in My Backyard?

The key to controlling mosquito populations is understanding how they breed and where they prefer to hide. Eliminating the areas they lay eggs and hang out will go a long way in removing them from your backyard.

This can be achieved by:

  • Draining stagnant/standing water
  • Removing containers that can collect water
  • Cleaning gutters to prevent water buildup
  • Clearing debris and old tree stumps
  • Getting rid of unnecessary backyard belongings

Standing Water

Water is necessary for mosquito larvae to breed. This makes it a prime location to focus on when applying mosquito control techniques.

Areas of stagnant water include:

  • Buckets/containers
  • Birdbaths & dog bowls
  • Rain gutters
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Potted plants
  • Tire swings
  • Pool covers & tarps

Clogged Gutters and Drains

When drains, gutters, and drainage pipes get clogged, water will stagnate. This creates an ideal breeding and hiding location for mosquitoes.

Excessive Overgrowth and Yard Debris

Mosquitoes often seek shelter in tall grass, shrubbery, and woodpiles. This is why it is important to keep your yard tidy, trimmed, and free of debris.

Water for Animals & Birds

If you leave your pet’s water bowl or a birdbath outside for too long, the stagnant water will attract mosquitoes – offering a place to lay their eggs.

Failing to Treat Mosquito Resting Areas

As a dedicated mosquito control company, we strive to treat every type of resting and breeding area that mosquitoes prefer. Our goal is to make your property as unwelcoming to mosquitoes as possible so that the pesky, little bloodsuckers go somewhere else.

Ineffective Products or Tactics Used to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Many store-bought mosquito repellents deliver less than stellar results. Popular DIY solutions such as citronella candles, mosquito coils, and mosquito lamps and lanterns are largely untested and marginally effective.

Your Neighbors Have Major Mosquito Problems

There are occasions when taking proper care of your yard is still not enough. If mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant water on a neighbor’s property, yard maintenance alone may not sufficiently reduce the mosquito population. This is where our Traditional Barrier Protection Treatment works its magic – establishing a protective border to help prevent mosquitoes from migrating into your yard.

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The Negative Effects of Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

Mosquitoes are no homeowner’s friend. They can drink up to 3 times their body weight in blood, transmit viruses, and populate quickly. As the primary ‘vectors” for several harmful diseases, including Malaria, Zika, and Dengue, mosquitoes are responsible for approximately 1 million deaths per year – positioning them as the world’s deadliest animal. The good news: Mosquitoes in North America rarely transmit deadly diseases. Nevertheless, a mosquito bite is never a welcoming sight.

They Are Irritating!

The buzz of a mosquito is annoying, but their thirst for blood is the real nuisance. Mosquito bites usually trigger immediate swelling and redness. Small itchy bumps can last for a few days and be very itchy. For individuals with Skeeter Syndrome, mosquito bite marks are bigger, last longer, and can be quite painful.

They Bite!

Believe it or not, only female mosquitoes bite – needing a meal of blood for every batch of eggs. They bite through their proboscis – an appendage that acts like a bundle of microscopic syringes. The protein in their saliva triggers the human immune system to release histamine and tend to the wound with white blood cells. This release of histamine causes inflammation and itchiness.

They Can Make You Sick!

As noted, mosquitoes are a primary carrier and transmitter of various viruses and diseases. When a mosquito feeds, its saliva enters the bloodstream. As a result, mosquito-borne diseases easily transmit into the human body. Although cases of malaria are rare in North America, there have been documented outbreaks of West Nile Virus, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika in recent decades.

They Can Be Deadly!

It surprises many to learn that a tiny insect can be deadly, but it is the harsh truth. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mosquito bites cause over 1 million human deaths every year. Most of these casualties are due to malaria. The WHO estimates between 300 and 500 million cases of mosquito-spread malaria occur every year. The good news: Out of the approximately 150 mosquito species actively inhabiting the United States, a small number of species transmit dangerous diseases.

They Multiply Fast!

The entire life cycle of a mosquito, from an egg to an adult, is approximately 8-10 days. Female mosquitoes lay eggs wherever there is standing water. The time it takes a mosquito to develop from pupa to larva to adult flying mosquito is just 2-3 days. After a female has mated, she can often lay eggs for the rest of her life. A single female mosquito can produce up to 500 eggs per brood, and the spawn of a single mosquito can collectively reproduce over one billion mosquitoes in under 30 days.

Outdoor Mosquito Treatment That Works

Our primary mosquito control technique involves treating a proprietary blend that meets both local and federal regulations, targeting areas where mosquitoes feed, breed, and harbour. This proprietary mosquito barrier provides protection for up to 21 days. We can target any outdoor area where mosquitoes feed and reproduce. We suggest hiring our team to return every three weeks for optimum results.

Custom Plan Unique to Your Yard

Before treating your property, our mosquito experts will first examine your yard’s unique layout and personalize a plan tailored to its specific parameters. Everything is inspected: areas of standing water, vegetation, log piles, tarp, toys, shady spots, and miscellaneous objects. This ensures we are killing mosquitoes where they like to breed, feed, and hang out.

Mosquito Treatment Effectiveness

Our unrivaled Barrier Protection Treatment strategy kills and repels up to 90 percent of mosquitoes on contact and remains effective for up to 3 weeks after application.

How Long Does the Mosquito Treatment Last?

For continued mosquito protection, our service is recurring through mosquito season, which means our team will treat your property every 21 days. After setting up an automatic plan, you will receive reminders of upcoming services and visit notifications each time we treat. It is not necessary to be home during application – just let us know beforehand so that our technicians can safely access your property.

How Much Does it Cost for Mosquito Treatment?

Mosquito Squad is committed to offering fair, upfront, and competitive rates. The prices for our mosquito barrier protection services vary depending on your property’s size, location, and the service option you choose. Mosquito treatments typically last approximately 21 days and should be applied as often. You can hire us for recurring services or an event treatment. You can also call for a free consultation with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. After this consultation, we will provide you with a no-hassle quote that is customized to your specific property and needs.

DIY Mosquito Repellent VS Professional Mosquito Treatment

There are innumerable off-the-shelf mosquito repellents, “zappers”, candles, repellents, and other options available on the market. These store-bought products sometimes work, but their effectiveness varies greatly. Often, they deliver minimal, temporary results. For a long-term solution, it is wise to hire a professional. The primary difference between DIY mosquito control and professional mosquito control involves the level of detail and expertise.

Our technicians are experienced, trained, and equipped to get the job done right.

We Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are beyond confident you will be satisfied with our service. That is why we are back our mosquito control treatment with a trusted satisfaction guarantee. If you are still uncomfortable with the mosquito pressure in your yard space, contact us within 21 days for an additional treatment at no additional charge. We also offer a one-year warranty on all automatic misting system parts – valid from the date of purchase.* Do take note: This warranty does not cover labor and requires staying up to date with our maintenance and winterization programs.

Alternatives to Traditional Barrier Mosquito Treatment

Our Barrier Protection Treatment is are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency.. However, if you are looking for an alternative to synthetic chemicals, Mosquito Squad has a viable solution. Our natural solution offers an organic approach to mosquito control. Effective against mosquitoes and ticks, this repellent, like our traditional treatment, lasts for up to 21 days.

Natural Mosquito Control (Natural Repellent)

Our naturalmosquito treatment consists of aromatic, non-toxic essential oils. It takes only 30 minutes for the treatment to dry, and once the treatment dries, your family can freely roam your yard.

Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems

We offer state-of-the-art mosquito misting systems that mist multiple times a day to optimize results. This automated misting system is inconspicuous – expertly designed to blend in with most landscapes. It can also be remotely controlled and scheduled as you wish – all from the comfort of your palm. We recommend setting it for 2 to 4 mists each day. Each mist is 30-seconds long. Our technicians will regularly refill the system every few weeks so it doesn’t run out.

Special (One Time) Event Mosquito Treatments

If you are preparing for an outdoor event such as a wedding or party and seeking a one-time mosquito treatment, we are ready to come to the rescue. Nobody wants irritating mosquitoes to ruin a special event. With a special event barrier treatment, we can help ensure mosquitoes won’t crash the party.

Mosquito Treatment for Commercial Establishments

Mosquito Squad is proud to offer our mosquito control services to cafes, parks, amphitheaters, hotel courtyards, outdoor restaurants, and any other outdoor commercial space. We serve every industry, municipality, and type of business.

Our Customers Love Us

Dating back to our humble origins in 2005, we have proudly performed over 2 million mosquito control treatments for over 300,000 clients. You can rest assured that our technicians will be friendly, courteous, and respectful of your property. If an issue arises with any mosquito treatment, we will quickly remedy the situation. Join the thousands of happy clients we regularly service today!

After Your Mosquito Treatment

We train our mosquito control specialists to treat with the safety and health of your loved ones and landscape in mind. This is another reason why our technicians perform thorough walkthroughs before applying our Barrier Protection Treatment. We take pride in adhering to yard-friendly practices, and do everything we can to avoid contaminating pollinators, plants, and prized belongings. After each service, we highly recommend waiting at least 30-minutes before allowing pets and children to play outside.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Reduced with Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance is an essential and simple method that can significantly reduce mosquito infestations. By removing clutter and overgrowth, it is possible to significantly mitigate a mosquito problem quickly and affordably.

Get Rid of Any Standing Water

The number one mosquito control strategy is to remove any object or retrofit any area where water can collect and stagnate. After it rains, check for pooling water to improve drainage issues. Mosquitoes can breed in something as tiny as a bottle cap. It is particularly important to cover large objects that might retain standing water. There is one exception: If you have a chlorinated pool, the chlorine should work as a repellant.

Trim Your Grass and Plants

Mosquitoes enjoy cool, shady nooks. Towering trees, large bushes, and tall grass often offer refuge for mosquitoes. Trimming your grass and plants is a great way to make your yard less attractive. Pruning and trimming vegetation will also provide more sunlight – this will help the wet spots dry before mosquitoes can breed and lay eggs.

Remove Objects That Collect Water

Standing water can end up in the unlikeliest of places, including:

  • Playground equipment
  • Sandboxes
  • Plastic toys
  • Tarps
  • Plant saucers

Water also accumulates where you’d expect it – in pet bowls, gutters, and kiddie pools. Removing these objects is a great way to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Purchase Foliage That Repels Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes will stay away from the scent of several plants, including:

  • Citronella
  • Holy Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon Thyme
  • Catnip
  • Peppermint

By planting these types of foliage in highly trafficked and occupied areas, you can help create a natural mosquito barrier. We also recommend laying cedar mulch as it is known to soak up moisture and repel mosquitoes with its scent.

Get Scheduled Mosquito Treatments

When you subscribe to our Barrier Protection Treatment plan, our mosquito control specialists will automatically return to your property every 21 days – all season long. This 3-week schedule is the best way to ensure your property receives continuous protection.

See Why Mosquitoes Hate Us. Call Mosquito Squad Today!

Our cost-effective mosquito control treatment plan is proven to be effective. If your yard is swarming with buzzing bloodsuckers, call one of our locally owned and operated locations today. We firmly believe that the only good mosquito is a dead one and cherish every chance to eliminate them – declaring victory one yard at a time.

Let us protect your family from mosquitoes today! Give our friendly team a call at (877) 332-2239 or contact us online to set up a cost-free consultation!

Every Job Is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. It’s Our Promise.

If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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