What to Do When Your Neighbor’s Yard Is a Mosquito Haven

Posted by Mosquito Squad
What to Do When Your Neighbor’s Yard Is a Mosquito Haven

October 16, 2019

When faced with having a crucial conversation with a neighbor, it can often force us to step out of our comfort zone and embark in an area where we may not be comfortable. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about how to keep mosquitoes away by controlling water around your home. But what if your neighbor is not as knowledgeable in this situation as you are? What should you do? Should you talk to them or should you continue to be uncomfortable going outside?

We have listed three things you should consider if you currently have mosquitoes coming from neighbors.


Communication with people is sometimes an uncomfortable zone for a lot of people. Having crucial conversations is monumental to keeping peace in your environment. Your neighbor may not be aware of the 7 T’s of mosquito control, and may not know how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in their yard. Often, a calm conversation is all that is needed to alleviate the frustration you may have toward the nuisance of mosquitoes. Also, in having this conversation, you may find out that your neighbor is not able to maintain their yard properly, due to age or mobility. Communication leads us up to our next effort in mosquito control.

Offer Help

While lending a hand may not have been on your mind, it is an option. Age and mobility can be a hindrance to the upkeep of any yard duties, and a helping hand or knowledge of where to get one can be greatly appreciated. Depending on your location, there may also be free helping hand organizations for seniors and those with limited mobility that can help your neighbor in their yard. Going the extra mile by finding this information not only helps you enjoy your yard with fewer mosquitoes, but it also helps your neighbor. The ultimate goal is to control the mosquitoes in your neighbor’s yard as well as your own by any means necessary.

Mosquito Treatment

Professional mosquito barriers are a great option to protect and shield your home from the mosquito haven your neighbor has created. Regular mosquito treatments help control the mosquitoes that enter into your yard at any given time. Also, once you have established a line of communication between your neighbor and yourself, you can then recommend professional treatments for their home. So step out of your comfort zone and start a conversation with your neighbor and see where you can go from there.

Mosquito Squad offers naturaltreatments that last for 14 days and regular treatments that last for 21 days. Call today for your free estimate and begin enjoying your yard again.