How to Treat Mosquito Bites

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How to Treat Mosquito Bites

February 3, 2022

Fight the Itch! How to Help Mosquito Bites

There are many ways to treat mosquito bites. But what truly works to fight the itch and reduce swelling? Because the itch of a mosquito bite is caused by your body’s reaction to a mosquito’s saliva, mosquito bite remedies work differently for everyone.

Check out these common treatment options!

What to Put on a Mosquito Bite

Over-the-counter products like calamine lotion and antihistamines and DIY remedies ranging from essential oils to baking soda paste can all be used to provide relief.

From toothpaste to lavender oil, there’s bound to be a treatment option that works for you and your family.

When you’re ready to try something new to stop the itch, we recommend starting with a small amount to help prevent any potential bad skin reaction. Also, read the ingredients of each product to check for known allergens.

Read on to learn more about the different types of mosquito bite treatment.

The Best 3 Over-the-counter Mosquito Bite Treatments

If you’re looking for a stronger treatment option that goes beyond itch-relief to fight inflammation and infection, over-the-counter options are often a great place to start.

Here are the three most common:

  1. Calamine lotion – Calamine is a great all-purpose soother. It contains zinc oxide and iron oxide which provides a cooling sensation that reduces itchiness and inflammation and provides antibacterial benefits to fight infection.
  2. Hydrocortisone cream – This mosquito bite cream is anti-inflammatory and contains corticosteroids that help counteract the histamines your body is creating (that is, the chemicals in your body making you itch). Other anti-inflammatory medications, like ibuprofen, will also help reduce the swelling from a bite.
  3. Oral antihistamines – Using Benadryl for mosquito bites calms the blood vessels near the bite and reduces the swelling. If you’re going to be in an area with lots of mosquitoes, consider taking an antihistamine beforehand to prevent a bad swelling reaction at the site of the inevitable bites.

5 DIY Methods for Mosquito Bite Relief

Are you looking for ways to soothe a mosquito bite with ingredients at home? If so, try these 5 DIY mosquito treatments:

  1. Baking soda paste – To make a baking soda paste for bug bites, add a small amount of water to baking soda and put the paste on the bite. Baking soda helps to reduce itchiness and swelling and prevent infection.
  2. Toothpaste – Apply mint toothpaste to create a cooling sensation and reduce swelling.
  3. Green tea – Apply cold, damp green tea bags to help soothe the itch from mosquito bites. Green tea is believed to have healing properties that may reduce inflammation.
  4. Ice cubes – Ice is a time-tested solution to relieve itching and swelling. The cold numbs the area to provide relief from itching. It also reduces pain and swelling.
  5. Banana peel – You read that right! Simply apply the inside of a banana peel onto the affected area and leave on for several minutes. This method is known to neutralize the itching, and the sugars in the banana will assist in soothing redness.

5 Essential Oils for Mosquito Bites

Not only do essential oils smell nice, but they can also repel mosquitoes and soothe bites. Here are the five most popular essential oils for mosquito bite relief:

  1. Peppermint—Peppermint oil has a cooling effect that offers satisfying relief.
  2. Tea tree—This oil has antifungal and antibacterial benefits. It also reduces swelling.
  3. Lavender—Lavender has a soothing effect on bitten areas and the scent is repulsive to mosquitoes, so it acts as a natural repellent.
  4. Rosemary—Like lavender, rosemary can repel mosquitoes with its scent.
  5. Chamomile—Chamomile oil helps with infection and inflammation. If you have chamomile tea on hand instead of oil, try making chamomile ice cubes by brewing tea and freezing it in an ice tray.

It's important to remember that the FDA doesn't monitor essential oils, and some may be too harsh to use on bare skin. Follow the instructions for use on your essential oil bottle. For instance, when applying oils on your skin, many brands recommend using a carrier oil like vegetable or coconut oil with a few drops of the essential oil.

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