Squad Home Shield

Help Deter Insects and Arachnids from Entering Your Home

Squad Home Shield helps deter and controls pests including ants, spiders, cockroaches, and scorpions to help prevent infestations from the outdoors.  Customized by location, this all-in-one service can include treatment plans specifically for you – from scorpion control for our customers in the south and west to specialized bait approaches for ants across the nation.

The Squad Home Shield package is your go-to service to help prevent potential indoor infestations and manage existing pest problems.  For the ultimate prevention, we recommend customers contact your local Mosquito Squad to stay informed on intruders in your area and how we can shield your home!

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The Home Shield Pest Control Process

Our pest control professionals take time to understand the intricacies of your home and where pests are coming from, then they jump into action to help create a shield outside your home with our treatment spray application.

Common pests that enter homes include ants, cockroaches, spiders, and scorpions.

The 4 important steps in the Squad Home Shield process:

  1. Inspection – Infestations almost always begin outdoors.  Presented with an opportunity, arachnids and insects will move indoors seeking food and shelter.  Before treatment, Mosquito Squad team members visually inspect the foundation, any vegetation near the home, and all potential entry points, such as windows, doors, soffits, and other outdoor spaces.
  2. Plan of action – After potential entry points have been inspected and identified, our team will communicate their findings and create a custom treatment plan.
  3. Treatment – A comprehensive approach to pest control requires targeted and multiple interventions. Our team will apply a treatment around the foundation and other areas outside where unwanted insects may be entering the home.  Our EPA-registered scorpion, roach, ant, and spider spray kills these pests on contact and helps deter them for up to 21 days.  We also remove spider webs to manage these hard to control pests.  Specially selected insect baits, dusts, and wasp treatments are also deployed as necessary to ensure complete lifecycle interruption of numerous pests that can impact your home.
  4. Monitoring – Effective scorpion, cockroach, spider, and ant treatment requires vigilance and monitoring.  While other pest control companies service homes quarterly, Mosquito Squad is available as much as needed and will work with you to create a plan for ongoing and proactive prevention, leaving you with peace of mind. 

Why Pests Are a Problem

Pests may carry and transfer harmful bacteria and germs.  As a pest problem grows and is left unmanaged, the harder it might be to treat. Scorpions and spiders can bite or sting when they feel threatened, which can irritate your skin and possibly cause further health risks if they’re venomous.  Pests such as roaches can also introduce potential allergens in your home.

These pests can also damage your home itself!  Carpenter ants bore holes in wood and can affect the structural integrity of a house.  Insects can also damage wiring, pose risks to stored foods, and leave unpleasant smells.

Protect Your Property Against Pests with Professional Roach, Ant, and Spider Control

Utilize the Squad Home Shield pest package and control common intruders outside so you can help prevent an infestation inside.

Our combined ant, roach, and spider treatments will help you enjoy a space with less pesky intruders outside and in!

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SQUAD HOME SHIELD DISCLAIMER: Service packages may vary by location. Please check with your local Mosquito Squad to confirm what services are available in your area.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do roaches get in your house?

Cockroaches can flatten and fit through tiny entrances, making it easy for them to sneak through very tight spaces.  They can crawl through pipes and plumbing.  They can sneak through cracks in your foundation and through open doors and windows.  They can even crawl into boxes or luggage that you bring inside.

What are spiders attracted to in houses?

Food sources, warmth, places to hide, and water will all attract spiders inside.  You’re likely to find spiders in damp and hidden areas.  Although damp conditions aren’t necessary for spiders, many other insects prefer damp spaces for nutrients and breeding, making them a great space for spiders to find their next meal.

Why do scorpions come inside?

Scorpions typically come inside a house for shelter.  If their natural landscape or shelter has been destroyed or removed, they may sneak into your home to find a place to hide from rain or extreme heat and explore for food.  Scorpions are also very territorial, and one may enter your home as a refuge from other scorpions.

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If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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