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There are few ways to ruin your yard quicker than having it become infested with mosquitos. They swarm around you, biting everyone trying to use the yard, leaving those irritating red welts to prove they were there. They force you back inside in most cases, stealing those summer months from you. Even if you clear debris, standing water, and tall grass from your yard, mosquitos often stay behind to harass you. It can feel like a never-ending battle that you're bound to lose.

That's why you need the best mosquito control service available. At Mosquito Squad of Chicago, we pride ourselves in our quality backyard mosquito control treatment. With years of experience and expertise, Mosquito Squad of Chicago brings our barrier protection and dog-safe, natural mosquito control treatment to keep your yard free from these pests.

Along with being incredibly annoying, mosquitos can also be incredibly dangerous in your yard. That's because mosquitos are known to spread diseases like Malaria, which makes them the deadliest animal in the world. So, to keep you and your family safe, you must keep mosquitos out of your yard. That may mean bringing in a service, like Mosquito Squad of Chicago, to treat your yard stay with a mosquito control treatment.


Another important parasite to keep out of your yard is the tick. A tick, like a mosquito, will bite a person to drink blood. However, ticks are unique in that they burrow under your skin and will stick to one person rather than going from person to person. They also spread their own diseases, such as Lyme Disease. So, your backyard mosquito control in Willowbrook must double as a tick control system. At Mosquito Squad of Chicago, we pride ourselves on those systems that keep ticks away from your yard and mosquitos.

One of the strengths of Mosquito Squad of Chicago is the natural mosquito treatment that we offer. This treatment is designed to not come with the same dangers and possible issues that chemical sprays may cause. This makes the natural treatment safer for your pets and loved ones. It's practical and will let you back out and use your yard in as little as half an hour. That's before you consider that this is also the environmentally conscious choice, creating fewer issues relating to runoff in the ecosystem.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Mosquito Squad of Chicago, but for many people, it is our 100% satisfaction guarantee is most important. Essentially, if you still have issues with mosquitos after 21 days, we will come and re-treatment your yard.

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