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Tired of spending all your time swatting away pests? Give it a rest! Try professional pest control with Mosquito Squad instead!

Mosquito Control in Edgebrook, IL

The outdoors is one of the best parts of living here in Edgebrook, IL, but no outdoor space in our town is free from mosquitoes. That's why Mosquito Squad is proud to offer our reliable mosquito control services. Our treatments target adult mosquitoes and their breeding sites, dramatically reducing populations within 21 days. Whether you're planning a backyard barbecue or simply want to enjoy a quiet evening outside, or whether you'd prefer a traditional treatment or something more natural, we have what you need to say good riddance to the mosquitoes on your property.

Tick Control in Edgebrook, IL

If you're an Edgebrook resident concerned about ticks this season, you're not alone. Given the many health risks associated with tick bites, including exposure to diseases like Lyme, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, and more, it's smart to think ahead about how you'll tackle tick control. At Mosquito Squad, we offer highly effective tick control treatments that can make a huge difference in your outdoor comfort. The treatment works on ticks the same way it works on mosquitoes by minimizing adult ticks and also targeting their breeding grounds. We also offer tick tubes, which help defend your property from ticks throughout the winter.

Why Mosquito Squad of Edgebrook, IL?

Mosquito Squad of Edgebrook, IL, stands out for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Since 2005, we have been an industry leader for effective mosquito and tick control solutions, providing over 2 million treatments to more than 300,000 families nationwide. Our customers have diverse needs; in response, we've developed diverse treatments that meet different needs. Our team is dedicated to treating your space with the utmost care.

Edgebrook, IL, Commercial Mosquito Control 

The specific struggles of business owners when it comes to mosquito control require a specially designed approach. Edgebrook businesses all over the town, from restaurants to schools to hotels and beyond, rely on our commercial mosquito control solutions and services that recognize the unique hurdles that come with running a business. For example, we can send a technician to apply treatment during after hours so that your customers aren't bothered. With Mosquito Squad, we can help squash mosquito populations so that your business can flourish.

Stink Bug Control in Edgebrook, IL

Stink bugs are shield-shaped pests approximately ¾ of an inch long that frequently invade U.S. homes in fall and winter to escape the cold. With no natural predators in our region, they have become a common nuisance, particularly on building exteriors and in agricultural areas. To keep these invaders out, it is essential to seal homes from late summer through fall by caulking cracks, repairing screens, and using yellow outdoor lighting. But why not take your prevention a step further? Mosquito Squad offers professional treatments that significantly reduce stink bug populations. These treatments create an invisible shield around your home that discourages stink bugs from entering.

Edgebrook, IL, Pest Packages

At Mosquito Squad of Edgebrook, IL, we understand that dealing with multiple pests can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That's why we offer comprehensive pest packages designed to tackle a variety of intruders at once. Our Yard Defender package targets ticks, ants, and other outdoor pests for a more comfortable outdoor space. For those battling indoor invaders, our Home Shield package addresses cockroaches, spiders, and ants, creating a robust defense for your home.

Mosquito Squad in Edgebrook, IL

It's time to experience the joys of living in Edgebrook, IL, without the nuisance of pests. Get started with a free quote by calling us at (630) 556-8315 or contact us online.



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