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Finding a reliable yet effective mosquito control service that serves Lombard can be a bit of a challenge. There's certainly no shortage of pest control companies, yet most aren't using proper sprays for mosquitoes. We've even seen a few of them attempt to use household mosquito repellents and pass them off as their line of treatment. There's no need to cover a yard in a harsh treatment when gentler, more effective treatment suits a client's needs better. Luckily for the residents of Chicagoland, we offer something that goes above and beyond what the usual consumer-grade sprays can do. We offer three separate services, each for a different purpose. Our mosquito barrier treatment is a treatment that is applied to the fence line of your property and protects for up to three weeks long. Our special event treatment is a treatment that's perfect for a one-time party with a large gathering of people. Last but certainly not least, our mosquito misting system is ideal for the homeowner who wants the absolute best in mosquito protection all summer.


If we were asked what our best-selling service is, it is our mosquito barrier treatment. Our mosquito barrier treatment is an EPA-registered treatment guaranteed to help protect your yard from mosquitoes for an impressive 2-3 weeks. It consists of highly efficient natural compounds that keep mosquitoes (and other pest insects) away from your property. Applied via a backpack mister, it's liberally applied along the fence line; While paying particular attention to large plants & hidden areas where mosquitoes could be hiding. When ready for service, all it takes is a quick call, and we can be out the very same day to look at your yard to determine where the treatment is to be applied and which areas need more concentration than others. While doing this, we also eliminate any potential mosquito breeding grounds that could harbor thousands of larvae. We then apply the treatment, and within a few minutes of dry time, your yard will be protected for up to 3 weeks. It's that simple!

Determining the best mosquito control product for your backyard can be challenging, as all yards are different. Living near forests or bodies of water makes the issue even more complicated as you're dealing with a much higher concentration of mosquitoes than the average person typically would. Sure, you could line your yard with numerous products such as tiki torches, candles & repelling kits, but chances are it'll end up being a waste of money. Mosquitoes tend to avoid the protection area and will bite regardless; to have a product that covers the entire yard is not something that can be bought at a store. This is why we offer our exclusive mosquito misting system. It's a comprehensive system either along your fence, on your deck, or even on the pavilion. The system sprays a fine mist all over your backyard to ensure complete coverage. Sprayed at intervals such as the time of day, when mosquitoes are most active, and when you're typically outside. Best of all, Mosquito Squad of Chicago does all of the maintenance & winterization of the system, so there's no need to worry about refilling the reservoir or fixing a nozzle if one were to break.

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