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Mosquito Control for Bensenville

Dealing with mosquitoes during the summertime can be aggravating, annoying & also can be dangerous if you so happen to be one of the unlucky individuals that is bitten by a disease-causing mosquito. Diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus & Zika fever are all possibilities when it comes to mosquito-borne disease, even in a city like Bensenville. We've also seen the false sense of security consumer mosquito control products like Off & Cutter bring to our customers as well. Luckily, there's a product that solves the issue of having to constantly worry about getting bit and we're the exclusive purveyor of it. Our Mosquito Barrier treatments benefit our customers by providing an invisible barrier around their Bensenville yard to eliminate and repel mosquitoes. This is the kind of mosquito control that is beyond what you can buy at the store, it's a defense that is proven to work. With Mosquito Squad of Chicago, we got your back.

Mosquito Barrier treatments

Some companies like to blindly buy the "next best thing" in mosquito control products off of their local suppliers' website, hoping that it works and sometimes it does. In a locale where we have to worry about the likes of West Nile & Zika, you shouldn't play the role of a Guinea pig. Enter our flagship product, the Mosquito Barrier. With just a single application, our product eliminates and repels mosquitoes and other pest insects for 14 to 21 days. That's 14 to 21 days of relaxation knowing you won't become bitten and 14 to 21 days of not worrying about getting a diease from a mosquito that just so happened to fly into your yard.

All it takes is a simple call to Mosquito Squad of Chicago or if you'd like, a form submission, and we'd be happy to set up a time to come over for a consultation. Once there, we go around the property looking for potential "problem areas" in which mosquitoes can breed and multiply. We then treat your property with our EPA-approved barrier treatment to eliminate the issue at hand, mosquitoes. Worried that it won't work out? We offer a satisfaction guarantee where we will visit your house for additional treatments until the problem is taken care of. To be frank, this is the resolution you've been looking for.

Mosquito Misting Systems

Although our mosquito barrier treatment is quite effective for all yards, it's not for everyone. Sometimes our customers are looking for a more automated solution, rather than wait around for a technician to treat their yard. Which is why we now offer the Mistaway Mosquito Misting System for all of our customers, past and present. This system allows for scheduled misting at determined intervals throughout the day, week or even the month. To start, call or send us a message via our "Alert The Squad" message box.

We will then send out one of our technicians to fully determine the scope of the project and the proper set up that is 100% customized for your Bensenville yard, you won't see a one-size-fits-all solution here. We will then install the system, program the system for the right intervals and to finish we fill the reservoir with our 100% green mosquito misting solution. You also won't need to worry about the maintenance either, we take care of that and the winterization of the product year after year. Now you have personalized, automated mosquito control. All for a very affordable cost. Alert the squad today to find out more.

For professional tick and mosquito control, give us a call at (630) 556-8315 or contact us online today.

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