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It is becoming increasingly important to have a plan for protecting your home and family from mosquitoes in the Chicagoland area. At Mosquito Squad of Chicago, effective mosquito control depends entirely on professionalism and expertise. We stand behind our methods and EPA-registered products as effective for over 99% of our customers, but the real difference in achieving your mosquito protection is our people. Recognized as mosquito experts nationwide, our licensed applicators are trained in-house on approaching your mosquito problem with strategies to achieve the best results. Our technicians and installation experts are committed to assisting you by answering any questions you might have about our services. We are proud to bring that high level of expertise and quality of service to Downers Grove, IL. Allow our people to make a difference in your mosquito protection this season.

At Mosquito Squad of Chicago, our primary solution for exterminating mosquitoes is through regular application of our signature barrier sprays at your home in Downers Grove. Each treatment remains effective for 14-21 days and not only exterminates but also repels mosquitoes. Our barrier sprays protect against several other dangerous pests, like ticks and fleas. Every one of our barrier treatment formulas is registered with and approved by the EPA. And we also offer an naturalbarrier treatment option for minimal invasiveness to the environment. We are recognized nationwide as backyard pest control experts and customer service professionals. Our top priority at Mosquito Squad of Chicago is your protection against mosquitoes, ticks, and other backyard pests.

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