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Tick Removal

Tick Removal in Lisle, IL


If you haven’t noticed already, ticks have been becoming an increasingly prevalent problem as of late. If you have pets, you have probably already had to remove some unwanted insects from their coats. Ticks are very resilient creatures as they can survive some of the coldest winters and some of the hottest summers. Their primary source of food are small mammals that they stay connected to for up to a week at a time. The longer a tick stays on its host, the greater the chance that a deadly disease like Lyme disease will be transmitted; it is imperative that ticks be removed as quickly as possible and disposed of properly. It is also very important to remove anything from your yard that attract ticks like standing debris, compost piles, and especially any tall grass. By far one of the best solutions for tick control in your Lisle backyard is by calling the experts at Mosquito Squad of Chicago. Our signature tick barrier sprays will kill any tick on contact as well as many other disease causing insects. These sprays also will repel ticks and mosquitoes for up to three weeks giving you the much needed time to enjoy your yard.


At Mosquito Squad of Chicago, we know we are the best. None of the competitors can even come close to the results that we consistently produce with our industry defining barrier sprays. Every one of our barrier sprays are approved by the EPA and are used nationwide. All it takes is 30 minutes for a treatment to be carried out and an additional 30 minutes for the treatment to dry and to become safe to walk on. We also offer 100% green solutions that are nearly as effective as our standard barrier sprays and can be equipped with all of our misting systems.

Another incredibly effective solution for tick control that we offer is the implementation of one of our “tick tubes.” Our tick tubes are filled with fibers that are coated in a highly effective insecticide that mice use in their nests. When the mice brush against the fluff, their fur becomes coated in the insecticide which will kill any tick that the mouse comes in contact with in the future. This product is one of the easiest to implement because the mice do all the work for us. We are so confident that our products will make your Lisle yard a safer place that if for any reason you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.


Your pets are also susceptible to many of the same diseases that ticks carry as humans are. By far the most dangerous for your dog or cat is heart worms and you should do everything in your power to protect your animals from this horrible disease. Whenever your dog or outdoor cat comes in from your yard or when you take them for a walk in the woods, it is imperative that you check your animal well. The longer a tick is attached to your pet, the greater the chance of your animal contracting a disease. It is not only a responsible thing to do but also incredibly necessary to your pets wellbeing to have a tick control plan in place. Your animal’s health is important, so call Mosquito Squad of Chicago today to set up a plan to eliminate ticks from your yard.

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