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Tick Removal


Tick activity has been steadily increasing over the last few years, especially in the Chicago suburban area. You’ve probably already seen a tick this year, while hiking in the woods or while playing at the park. You may have even started to notice them in your own backyard. Many people aren’t aware that ticks reproduce and hibernate underground during the colder months. Ticks aren’t especially picky though, they begin waking up when the temperatures get a little warmer; usually when the temperature exceed 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally speaking, the longer the winter, the higher the tick population will be the following year. And we have had some really long winters the past few years, which have given the ticks the needed time to drastically increase their population. Many people don’t know that your own yard could unknowingly be the perfect place for ticks to thrive. Ticks prefer dark shady areas, especially tall brush, and around fences or brick walls. Make sure to keep your lawn trimmed and to throw out any yard clippings. Move compost piles away from high traffic areas and separate them with gravel or woodchips. These will assist in eliminating tick’s favorite hiding places where they like to sit and wait. But by far the most effective method for controlling tick populations is to have Mosquito Squad of Chicago apply our tick eliminating barrier treatment. Our sprays not only kills disease causing insects on contact but also repel ticks from your home in Oak Lawn.


At Mosquito Squad of Chicago, our main way for exterminating ticks is through regular treatment of our signature barrier sprays at your home in Oak Lawn. Each treatment remains effective for up to three weeks. Also, our barrier sprays effectively protect against a number of other dangerous pests, like mosquitoes, chiggers, and gnats. We also offer a 100% natural barrier treatment option that does not negatively affect the planet. All of our barrier treatment formulas are registered with, and approved by the EPA. We are proud to be recognized nationwide as experts in backyard pest control, and customer service professionals. Our main priority, at Mosquito Squad of Chicago, is your protection against Lyme and other tick transmitted diseases.

In addition to our barrier sprays, and when treating areas where ticks are especially active, our specialists implement “tick tubes”. Tick tubes are designed to capitalize on mice, creatures which are most often the original sources of disease and one of the tick’s primary sources of food. The tick tubes are strategically placed in hidden locations around your Oak Lawn property and contain an approved EPA insecticide coated fiber that is specifically targeted to eliminate ticks. After acquiring the cotton, the mice bring the fiber back to their nest, spreading the insecticide. The insecticide then coats the mice’s fur, exterminating any ticks that the mice later come in contact with.


Humans are not the only target for ticks however, they also prey upon family pets, specifically dogs. When your dog or other pet goes out into your yard, a tick could easily hitch a ride right through your back door and into your house. It is important to routinely check your pets for ticks after being in the outdoors. You should always thoroughly check for ticks on dogs when you get home from a walk in the woods, or even at the local park. If you have pets that are active outside, it is especially crucial to have a tick control plan in place for your home in Oak Lawn. If left to feed, ticks can transmit many life threatening diseases to your pets; many of which humans are susceptible to. Lyme disease in dogs is not uncommon, but heart worms are most life threatening when it comes to dogs. Don’t wait for a tick to find your dog or endanger your home, contact Mosquito Squad of Chicago to setup your plan for proactive protection throughout the season.

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