How to Naturally Reduce the Bug Population Around Your Home in Chicago

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

Summer is the time of year when bugs are naturally breeding. The high heat and humidity bring them out in droves. As a homeowner, you naturally want to reduce the bug population around your home in Chicago since it’s better for the health and wellness of your entire family. Starting in April, ticks and mosquitos breed in high volume through the fall months. That’s why it’s important to find ways to decrease their numbers with natural mosquito control to help curb their populations around your home in Chicago. 

Keep Your Yard Trimmed and Neat for Backyard Mosquito Control Chicago 

When your yard is overgrown with tall grass and weeds popping up all over the place, it’s time to up your yard maintenance game. Clear away any yard debris, like old leaves or dead branches, keep your grass trimmed regularly, and make sure flower beds are neat. When your yard is tidy, it’s going to seem less attractive for bugs to breed in during the summer season. 

Eliminate Standing Water Areas

For best mosquito protection in Chicago, you need to get rid of all areas that contain standing water around your home which come from spring showers. The standing water is the ideal location that attracts all types of bugs, including ticks that spread Lyme disease and mosquitos. The mosquitos especially like to lay their eggs in and around pools of stagnant water. Make sure that all areas of your property are draining correctly to prevent standing water from accumulating after rainstorms. 

You might also want to go a step further and get rid of lawn accents, like birdbaths, fountains, or other water features such as ponds. All of those water attractions might seem aesthetically pleasing in your yard, but are only going to let bugs fester and multiply on your property. 

Use Natural Mosquito Control From Mosquito Squad of Chicago

Finally, for best mosquito protection it’s a great idea to call Mosquito Squad of Chicago. We are the premier provider of natural mosquito control in Chicago. That includes dog-friendly mosquito control that won’t harm pets around your home. 

Our natural mosquito control is the solution if you don’t want dangerous chemicals around your property. It’s a base of essential oils and botanicals that repel insects. Keep in mind that natural mosquito control breaks down a little quicker than traditional pest sprays, so we’ll need to reapply the natural solution every 14 days for the best protection, instead of every 21 days with our Barrier Protection Spray. Now is the time to get on a schedule of natural mosquito control that works all summer long. 

When you are ready to naturally reduce the bug population around your home, give us a call at Mosquito Squad of Chicago at 630-556-8315. We’d love to give you a free quote on our natural mosquito control services to keep your Chicago home bug-free.