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Tick Control

Tick Control

Ticks are much more than a nuisance – they are also a health threat. Like mosquitoes, ticks transmit disease – infecting tens of thousands of Americans every year. Unlike mosquitoes, ticks do not feast and flee. After plunging into their host’s skin, a tick can feed on blood for weeks. With Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses on the rise in the United States, it is time to protect your children, pets, and yourself from these disease-ridden pests. The best way to keep these unwanted visitors away is to hire professional tick control technicians to defend your property. Mosquito Squad is eager and prepared to be your local solution.

Where Do Ticks Live in My Yard?

A common misconception is that ticks prefer high places, such as overhanging tree branches. Many people infer this from the fact that ticks are often found nesting in human hair. Contrary to this popular belief, ticks tend to hang out in shady spots closer to the ground. They are attracted to weeds, tall grasses, low-lying shrubs, and at the outer edge of grasslands and lawns. Ticks cannot jump or fly – they attach to humans via direct contact. Once a tick latches onto skin, it usually climbs to a protected area, such as hair or armpits.

Any Moist or Humid Environment

Ticks enjoy shady, moist areas near the ground. They can regularly be located 1-2 feet above the ground – clinging to vegetation such as grass, brush, bushes, flowers, and shrubs.

Wood Piles

Wood piles attract ticks for two primary reasons:

  1. They offer shady refuge
  2. They harbor mice and other rodents that ticks often latch onto

High Grassy Areas

Take steps against ticks by making your lawn and garden less attractive to these pests. Keeping areas free of tall grass, weeds, and garden debris will deter small rodents from trespassing onto your property. This is doubly beneficial as rodents often transport ticks.

Wooded Areas

Ticks populate around wooded areas. It is wise to take extra precautions in late spring and early summer when in such landscapes – during this time of year, the transmission of Lyme Disease undergoes a significant uptick in new cases.

Stone Walls

Ticks often dwell in or near retaining walls, old stone walls, fences, and any structural feature along the periphery of one’s yard/property. Stone walls are also attractive to ticks because they collect and retain moisture. We make a concerted effort to treat these areas.

Leaf Piles

Grass clippings, leaf mounds, and yard debris make ideal hiding places for ticks. Instead of piling large branches and sticks in a heap, we recommend putting them in the trash or taking them to the dump.

Fallen and Low-Hanging Tree Branches

Ticks like to cling to wood. Trees with low-hanging branches offer a perfect habitat. Pruning and trimming these areas can help keep your family safe.

Overgrown Shrubs

Thick, unkempt shrubs and bushes cast a dense shade that offers a refuge for ticks. Trimming and pruning these plants will allow sunlight to filter through, keeping ticks away.

Bird Feeders

When it comes to ticks, deer receive most of the blame as culpable transmitters. However, many tick experts insist birds are the primary carriers. Every springtime, migrating birds transport millions of ticks to local bird feeders, where other animals, including deer and rodents, become infected.

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close-up of tick on plant stem

The Dangers of Ticks

With Lyme Disease on the rise in America, exposure to ticks is becoming a point of significant concern. Over the past decade, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported approximately 30,000 new cases of Lyme Disease each year. The symptoms of Lyme Disease include severe fatigue, rashes, fever, and joint pain. If caught early enough, antibiotics can help mitigate these symptoms.

Other tick-borne diseases include:

Transmission of Lyme Disease

Ticks are the primary vector of human-contracted Lyme Disease. Dogs and cats are equally if not more susceptible to tick-borne Lyme Disease – given their active lifestyle and low to the ground physiques. Ticks tend to attach to anything they contact directly. As a result, when humans and animals brush against low-lying vegetation, the potential exposure to ticks magnifies greatly. Approximately three-fourths of all tick bites result from everyday outdoor activities, such as playing, gardening, and hiking outdoors.

Types of Tick Control Services

At Mosquito Squad, we are proud to offer two distinct types of tick-control service:

  1. Our traditional mosquito barrier treatment effectively kills ticks on contact
  2. Our tick tube treatment is an excellent strategy for eliminating ticks

Traditional Mosquito Barriers

If left untreated, tick populations can multiply quickly. The type of ticks that transmit Lyme Disease typically lay 3,000 or more eggs per batch. A single tick can lay up to 15,000 eggs over its lifetime. Our mosquito barrier treatment eliminates ticks at the source – their breeding grounds. We will also create a protective perimeter around your home. This perimeter is particularly successful with ticks, given they tend to live at the outer edges of lawns/fields.

Comprehensive Tick Control with Tick Tube Treatment

For comprehensive tick control, we also offer our special tick tube treatment. This treatment involves strategically placing biodegradable tick tubes around your property to lure mice. We fill each tick tube with insecticide-soaked cotton that the mice then collect and use for bedding. The reason we go after mice is simple: When ticks attach to mice, they will be taken to their nest and poisoned by the cotton.

How Much Does It Cost for Tick Control Treatment?

The prices of our tick control services vary depending on the square footage of the treated area, the frequency of treatment, and the specific tick control option you choose. We offer both one-time and recurring tick control services. Whether you need us to treat for a special event or routinely, our technicians are ready to be of service. 
During our hassle-free, cost-free consultation, we will inspect your property for breeding areas (wooded areas, high grasses, mulch beds, etc.) that need treatment. Afterward, we will offer an honest, upfront quote with no hidden fees attached. You can count on our customized quote to be competitive and fair.

Tick Extermination and Prevention for Your Yard That Works

Our traditional mosquito control barrier is an excellent method for exterminating adult ticks on contact. We will create a barrier around your yard to keep ticks off your property. Our technicians are also happy to perform a preliminary walkthrough to understand the layout of your property.

We recommend:

  • Clearing tall grass and brush
  • Removing leaf litter
  • Neatly stacking wood
  • Creating a 3-ft wide barrier between your property & wooded areas
  • Frequently mowing the lawn
  • Keeping playgrounds, decks, and patios away from the edge of your yard
  • Constructing a fence to keep wandering rodents, deer, and other animals out
  • Removing clutter and debris

DIY Yard Treatment for Ticks VS Professional Tick Control Treatment

Our highly trained mosquito control specialists utilize professional-grade equipment and powerful insecticides to get the job done right. We understand where to treat and how to optimize efficiency. Instead of taking the DIY route and relying on a flimsy, store-bought mister, hire our technicians and receive the benefits of our backpack misters that achieve maximum coverage. You can also rest assured that our tick treatments meet local and federal guidelines. Our top priority is to deliver quality tick protection safely.

We Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We go above and beyond to ensure every customer is satisfied with our service. If you are unsatisfied with our tick control services, reach out to our friendly team within 21 days, and we will make it right – at no additional charge. This is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

After Your Tick Treatment

After each treatment, make sure to keep children and pets away from treated areas for at least 30-minutes. We also recommend maintaining your yard between treatments. Another great way to deter ticks from your property is to plant natural tick repellents on the periphery of your yard. Ticks tend to stay away from: garlic, lavender, chrysanthemum, catnip, sage, eucalyptus

How to Help Prevent Ticks in the Yard

We understand that most people aren’t experts on ticks and their habitats. By following these tips, you can make your landscape as unwelcoming to ticks as possible.

Get Rid of Leaf Litter

Ticks love leafy foliage. If you have scattered piles of leaves around your yard, you are asking for trouble. It is especially beneficial to remove leaf litter at the edge of your property. We also suggest clearing your property of any ground-cover plants.

Clear or Cut Tall Grasses and Brush

High grasses, weeds, and brush are prime habitats for ticks. By trimming and pruning your yard, you will increase the amount of sunlight and thereby reduce the areas where ticks like to hang out.

Mow Lawn Consistently

Regularly mowing your lawn is an essential part of maintaining a tidy yard. Without tall grass and overgrown vegetation, there will be fewer shady spaces for ticks to dwell on. The act of mowing itself is also likely to kill any ticks in the area. Be sure to dress properly to avoid putting yourself at risk while doing yard work.

Stack Wood Neatly and in Dry Area

Woody, damp areas serve as safe havens for ticks. By keeping your yard as dry and organized as possible, you will significantly decrease the likelihood of tick infestations multiplying on your property.

Keep Recreational Equipment Away from Trees and Bush Areas

Move swing sets, sandboxes, and other children’s toys away from the edge of your yard. If possible, place all recreational equipment on dry woodchips, sand, or gravel. It is also smart to make sure there is as little clutter, moisture, and foliage in places where pets and children roam.

Keep Out Unwelcomed Animals from Yard

Ticks primarily migrate to human habitats via animals: attaching themselves to virtually every kind. If you live in an area where ticks are prevalent, we strongly advise against bird feeders. Birds may be pretty to look at and listen to, but they commonly harbor ticks and spread them to other animals, your pets, or your family.

Other wild animals that are common carriers of ticks include:

  • Deer
  • Squirrels
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Rodents
  • And many more!

Remove Old Yard Furniture or Trash from Yard

Random debris and junk in your yard will offer shady nooks of refuge for ticks. By getting rid of unnecessary objects, you will make your landscape less enticing to pesky pests. Reach out to our local team to learn more about how to protect your family from ticks today!

See Why Ticks Also Hate Us. Call Mosquito Squad Today!

Ticks are much more the icky bloodsucking pests. They are carriers of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases that cause serious side effects. With a proactive diagnosis and strong antibiotics, it is possible to cure Lyme Disease within a month. In some cases, however, symptoms such as joint pain, fatigue, and cloudy thinking can repeatedly flare up for someone’s entire life.

This is why it is so essential to eliminate ticks from your property. No one wants their children or pets to be stricken with a chronic disease. By hiring the expert tick control specialists at Mosquito Squad, you will be making a substantial step toward protecting your family. Our entire team is qualified, experienced, and meticulous when on the job. Since 2004, we have defended over 300,000 families from the presence of unwanted ticks. We take tick control seriously. Let us protect your family today!

Upon request, we are happy to provide a completely free consultation. Just give our courteous team a call at (877) 332-2239 or contact us online!

Every Job Is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. It’s Our Promise.

If you are not fully satisfied with your Mosquito Control or Misting System, contact your Mosquito Squad office and we will make it right!

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