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Having A Green Thumb May Just Help Protect Against Annoying Mosquitoes

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

There’s an old adage about the best defense is a good offense, and we here at Mosquito Squad of Chicago believe that wholeheartedly. That is why we get a jump on our services and provide you with proactive protection throughout the season with our mosquito and tick control treatments. And for those looking for a more natural way to defend against mosquitoes and ticks, we’ve got you covered!


Along with our Traditional Barrier Treatment, Mosquito Squad of Chicago also offers a Natural Mosquito Treatment option that uses essential oils to keep away those pesky mosquitoes. This natural treatment is applied similarly to our traditional treatment killing mosquitoes and ticks on contact and creating a barrier defense around your property. While made entirely of essential oils, this naturalrepellant has a natural fragrance that many people find pleasing but mosquitoes detest. This type of treatment provides effective mosquito control for up to 2 weeks (compared to our traditional treatment that lasts up to 21 days), but Mosquito Squad of Chicago will remain diligent in helping protect you from mosquitoes by reapplying our naturalspray at the end of those 14 days. And if you have the gift of a green thumb, there is a simple way to boost your mosquito defense around your property while adding to that cottage-core aesthetic!


There are some plants out there that actually help repel mosquitoes and other bugs through their natural fragrance and oils. To increase their effectiveness, you’ll want to have these plants close to high-traffic areas that you and your family will be spending a lot of time in, like seating areas or near a doorway. Some of these plants will even work better if their leaves are crushed and rubbed onto your skin, but please, if you have sensitive skin or allergies it might be better to let the plants do all of the work on their own.


Here are some of our favorite plants to have around the yard to give an extra mosquito repellant boost:

  • Citronella Geranium (or any citronella plant for that matter.)

  • Floss Flower (despite its name, please do not use this flower for dental hygiene as it is dangerous if ingested.)

  • Mint (great in tea, freshening your breath, and repelling bugs!)

  • Lemon Balm (make sure to pot this fella otherwise it will spread fast.)

  • Lavender (tough and drought resistant so good for first-time gardeners.)

  • Catnip (maybe don’t plant this one if you have stray cats in your neighborhood. But if you’re looking for a new house pet, plant as much as possible.)

  • Basil (makes sauces appetizing to you and makes you unappealing to bugs.)

  • Citrosum (called “the mosquito plant” for how well this plant reportedly works.)

  • Sage (perfect for keeping mosquitoes and evil spirits away!)

  • Marigolds (especially great at keeping flies away from vegetables.)


(And if you’re new to gardening, don’t sweat it! Take a look at these tips and tricks for beginner gardeners for container and in-ground gardens.)


My dogs are grazers, so as you are deciding which plants to use, do some extra research to know which plants might be dangerous if ingested by your small ones (whether they have four legs or two). Another great option for getting an extra repellent boost is to use cedar wood throughout the yard where you can like mulch, decks, and fences.

To get full and professional protection from mosquitoes and ticks, call Mosquito Squad of Chicago at (630) 556-8315 and ask about our Natural Mosquito Treatment Option!