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How Mosquitoes Affect Your Dog

Posted by Mosquito Squad

February 27, 2015

Mosquitos are not only harmful to humans, but they can be harmful to your dogs as well. Mosquitos transmit disease, and some of these diseases can cause death. Although a dog’s fur can protect a lot of their body, there are still exposed skin that can be targeted for mosquito bites such as their ears and nose. The primary concern when it comes to diseases in dogs caused my mosquitos is heartworm disease.

Heartworm disease is a serious condition that is caused by a worm that lives in the blood vessels and heart of infected pets. What can happen is, when a mosquito bites a dog, the blood could contain heartworm offspring, which is transferred to a second dog that is bitten. These heartworms can grow into a parasite up to a foot in length.

If your dog has heartworm disease, this can cause injury to the lungs, arteries, and the heart. Some of the symptoms include lethargy, coughing, vomiting, difficulty breathing, fainting, and exercise intolerance. Although these are symptoms relate to heartworm disease, they are also associated with other canine diseases. A blood test is needed to confirm the diagnosis. There are treatments available, but prevention and mosquito control are going to be the most important.

Minimize heartworm disease by making sure you have a mosquito control program in place. A mosquito extermination company like Mosquito Squad Chicago can help you with this. Other things you can do to prevent your dog from getting heartworm is to keep your dogs indoors especially during active mosquito times such as early morning and early evening, change water bowls frequently, avoid walking your dog in marshy places, ensure doors and windows have screens, so mosquitos don’t get into your home and removing sources of stagnant water around the house and garden.

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