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Prepare your home for a fun-filled event with family and friends with a Mosquito Squad mist treatment. Even if your home only has a small mosquito problem, it may get out of control when your yard is full of people. These pests are attracted to chemicals in the breath and sweat, which means that they could come out in large numbers during your event. But there's no need to worry, you're in good hands with a treatment from us, as the EPA-registered solution we use gets rid of 90-95 percent of mosquitoes. If you prefer a more eco-friendly solution, ask us to use our in-house organic repellent, which is only slightly less effective than our traditional solution. But no matter which treatment option you choose, you're always covered by our 100 percent money-back guarantee, so there's no buyer's remorse when ordering a treatment.


If you're ready to clear your yard of mosquitoes and pests, give us a call. We'll ask you some quick questions about your property and the event you're hosting. To end the call, we'll schedule a treatment appointment 24 to 72 hours before the event's start. By misting your yard just before the event, you get the best possible protection against pests.

Getting ready to host an event takes a lot of work, and we know you probably have a lot on your plate. Our professional team of applicators works quickly, and you don't have to be home during the treatment, leaving you with more time to handle other appointments and obligations. When our team first arrives at your home, we check for all mosquito feeding and harboring locations. We then mist these areas, as well as the foliage, with a time-released solution that kills and repels pests for multiple weeks. Our team gets the job done quick; in most cases, we're finished misting in 20 minutes or less. To complete the treatment, we also remove or treat any mosquito-breeding areas. Once we're done misting, it only takes about half an hour before you're able to use the yard again. The solution dries within 30 minutes, so there's no chance of contamination during your event.


If you prefer to just get mosquitoes away from your yard without killing them, our natural treatment is the way to go. It repels 65-80 percent of mosquitoes and also helps control other pests, including spiders, certain types of ants, flies, and fleas. We make this highly effective solution ourselves using a blend of essential oils, and we're always looking for ways to improve the solution. After an naturalmist, there's a lingering botanical smell, but it disappears completely within one day of the treatment.

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