Tick Control


Ticks are hidden pests that multiply quickly and transmit diseases and parasites to people and pets. Affecting tens of thousands of Americans each year, ticks are not just annoying, but they're also dangerous. If you notice these irritating pests jumping around your yard, contact us for a professional tick treatment that eliminates over 90 percent of ticks and keeps them away for weeks. With over 90,000 yards treated and a greater than 99 percent customer satisfaction rate, Mosquito Squad treatments are proven and get fast results. Call us to chat with one of our talented specialists who are happy to answer any questions. We can also schedule a no-cost yard evaluation and estimate with no commitment required, so you can pick the right treatment for your home.


Our tick treatments are so effective because we combine two powerful treatments: tick tubes and a barrier treatment. For the barrier treatment, we use powerful backpack mist blowers to treatment a solution on the perimeter of your yard, all foliage, and tick gathering areas. The time-released solution instantly kills ticks and keeps working for three weeks. For most yards, we can finish the treatment in less than a half-hour. The solution dries in 30 minutes after misting, which means you can promptly return to your yard.

If you're searching for an organic treatment option, tell us to use our in-house, naturalrepellent. This solution is designed to repel ticks instead of killing them, but it still gets great results. Our natural solution reduces the number of ticks by 65-80 percent and keeps working for 14 days.

We also put tick tubes in inconspicuous areas of your yard. These biodegradable tick tubes have treated cotton inside, which mice take to build houses. The insecticide-treated cotton gets on the mice's fur, and then all ticks that feed on the mice are eliminated. Mice are one of the most common feeding targets for ticks, which is why this method is so effective.

You don't have to sit in the house on your scheduled appointment date. Our team can treat your yard while you're out and about. If you're at work or enjoying your life while we treat the yard, we leave a notice on your front door that lets you know when we were there.

Any tick treatment you order is covered by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Tell us if you're not completely happy, and we'll give you a full refund with no hassle.



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