Tick Control


Tick spread quickly, as their bites don’t cause pain, allowing them to go undetected for quite some time. Once you notice ticks jumping around your property, it’s likely time to call in the professionals for a complete tick treatment. Mosquito Squad of Leominster offers a multi-step treatment that kills adult and nymph stage ticks, ensuring that these pests don’t reappear in your yard. Tick-borne diseases are a serious risk in Massachusetts, so we suggest taking prompt action to protect your family and pets. Our effective tick control treatment gets rid of nearly 100 percent of ticks, and the solution we use kills them instantly for fast results.

Call us now to schedule a treatment appointment, ask questions, or receive a quote. While you’re planning how to handle your tick problem, we have some useful tips that can help get rid of these irritating pests.

Order our treatment with confidence, as you’re covered by our 100-percent money-back guarantee. If the treatment doesn’t provide the results you expect, contact us and we’ll give you a refund or retreat the yard. If the second treatment still doesn’t adequately fix the problem, we’ll issue you a complete refund.


The first step in our tick control process is a barrier treatment. A team of licensed technicians visit your home and treatment an EPA-registered, time-released solution on woodpiles, tall grass, and other damp, cool areas where ticks gather. Next, we treatment the perimeter of your yard, creating an invisible barrier that ticks and other pests avoid. The solution we use instantly kills ticks, as well as other pests, including mosquitoes and fleas. The barrier treatment should take less than one hour, assuming you have a standard-size yard. It eliminates 85-90 percent of ticks and lasts for three weeks. After the treatment, the solution dries in about 30 minutes and then your yard is ready to enjoy.

Some of our customers prefer an eco-friendly solution, which is why we offer an naturalbarrier treatment. This gentle repellent is made with essential oils that release a scent that causes ticks, spiders, gnats, and other pests to stay away, but the solution doesn’t aim to kill pests. The treatment’s botanical scent protects your home for weeks, but you won’t notice the smell within 24 hours of the treatment. Expect a 65-80 percent drop in ticks and up to 14 days of protection with an organic treatment.


Our barrier treatment kills adult kills, and we use tick tubes to take care of baby ticks. We place biodegradable tick tubes around your yard, and the tick tubes have insecticide-treated cotton that’s designed to lure mice. Mice take the cotton for housing, and the insecticide goes into their blood, making them walking tick exterminators. Nymph ticks mainly feed on mice, and when the baby ticks bite the mice, they’re eliminated quickly.

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