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Tick Control

Tick Control in Northborough


Ticks multiple quickly, especially if you have pets in the home, as their bites are painless and often unnoticeable. Once you notice ticks jumping around your property, it’s likely that you already have a serious problem on your hands. Using over the counter products, such as bug repellent, kills a small number of ticks, but doesn’t fix the core issue. Our proven treatments rid your home of tick nesting areas and create a protective barrier around your yard, reducing the tick population by about 85 to 90 percent. Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts offers short-term and long-term protection options. Call us today for a quick chat with a specialist to determine which treatment method best addresses your needs.


Our comprehensive tick treatment begins with a barrier treatment—a powerful treatment that eliminates ticks and mosquitoes. We’ll mist typical pest-gathering areas, such as tall grass and the bottom of fences and walls, with an EPA-registered solution using professional-quality backpack mist blowers. Next, we mist the border of your yard, creating an invisible barrier that mosquitoes and ticks avoid. A traditional barrier treatment kills 85-90 percent of ticks and mosquitoes shortly after we apply the time-released solution, which continues protecting your yard for up to 21 days.

If you’re looking for a gentler treatment, ask our team to use our organic, in-house repellent. We create the repellent from a formula that we refine annually, and it’s made of essential oils chosen for their repellent qualities. This eco-friendly mist repels pests but doesn’t aim to kill them. The mist works for up to two weeks and repels up to 80 percent of ticks, as well as other pests including ants, spiders, gnats, and fleas.

We also search your yard for mosquito and tick-breeding areas, which are treated or removed to rid the yard of young pests. For further protection, we set tick tubes throughout your yard. These biodegradable tick tubes kill pests for up to six months, and they work by using mice as insecticide delivery vessels. Inside each tick tube is cotton with insecticide, which mice gather to build shelter. As ticks bite the mice to feed on their blood, they absorb the insecticide and die. Mature female ticks may lay up to 3,000 eggs at once, resulting in a sizable larval and nymph population, and these tick tubes kill ticks that could appear unexpectedly.


We offer a 100-percent money-back guarantee on our treatments. Contact us within three weeks of your treatment, or two weeks if you request an naturalmist, and notify us that you’re not happy with the results. We’ll respray the yard at no cost, which is still covered by our money-back guarantee, or issue you a full refund with no questions asked.

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