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Tick Control


Tick-related illnesses plague more than 10,000 people each year in the United States. Keep your family and beloved pets safe with a professional tick control treatment from Mosquito Squad. Home remedies and over-the-counter sprays kill ticks but don't take care of the problem, which means that ticks return over and over. We offer a variety of treatment options for personalized protection. Our specialists are also available to answer your questions over a phone call, or you can request that we visit and inspect your yard and provide a free estimate with no commitment required.


By combining a barrier treatment with tick tubes, we're able to offer a drastic reduction in ticks that continues for weeks. First, we apply the barrier treatment around the perimeter of your yard and in all areas where ticks feed and nest. By using powerful mist blowers, we're able to treatment an EPA-registered treatment solution in hard-to-reach areas, and the time-released solution we use kills ticks for up to three weeks. If you have a normal-sized yard, it won't take more than twenty minutes to finish misting. Once we're done, the solution dries in 30 minutes, then you're free to enjoy your practically tick-free yard.

For even further protection, we place tick tubes in strategically selected locations. We pick areas where mice are likely to gather, and our biodegradable tick tubes transform mice into walking tick exterminators. Inside the tick tubes are insecticide-treated cotton, which mice take to build housing. As soon as the insecticide touches the mice's fur, ticks that touch the mice are eliminated.

To complete the treatment, we find all tick and mosquito breeding areas and then treat or remove them for continued protection.

Our team is able to treat your house, even while you're not home. If you're away from the house enjoying your free time, we'll leave a notice of completion behind that details when we arrived and what we did.

If there's any reason that you're not happy with our tick treatment, we give you a complete refund, thanks to our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Just tell us that you weren't happy with the results, and we refund every last penny with no questions or hassle.


We also carry an in-house, naturaltick repellent that focuses on repelling ticks instead of killing them. If you prefer an eco-friendly option, request that we use our organic tick repellent. This solution repels ticks for up to two weeks, and you can expect a 65-80 percent tick reduction rate.

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