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Ticks are transmitters of disease and parasites, which can affect people and animals. Tick-borne illnesses, such as ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease, afflict tens of thousands of Americans each year. Ticks feed on blood and their bites don't hurt or itch, allowing them to feed on hosts for hours or days. Keep your family safe during tick season with our highly effective tick treatment, which combines two powerful treatment options - a barrier treatment and tick tubes - to kill mature and nymph-stage ticks. If you'd like more information on how we can rid your yard of ticks, contact us to talk with a Mosquito Squad representative.


We use a two-phase tick control treatment to eliminate nymph-stage ticks and mature ticks. To begin the treatment, we apply a barrier treatment - and you can choose between a traditional or natural treatment. A traditional treatment gets rid of 90-95% of mosquitoes, and it provides three weeks of protection. If you opt for the organic treatment, we use our in-house, natural mosquito repellent to repel 65-80% of mosquitoes, and you'll enjoy two weeks of protection. Because each barrier treatment lasts for two to three weeks, depending on the treatment you select, we offer discounted treatment programs for continued protection. Our treatment programs offer single season or multi-season protection.

To get rid of nymph-age ticks, we position tick tubes in inconspicuous locations so that they're not in your way. Our tick tubes are biodegradable, so they decompose into harmless elements that won't affect people or your yard. Each tick tube has insecticide-treated cotton inside. Mice gather the cotton to build nests, and they get the insecticide on their fur. Then, all ticks that feed on the mice are instantly eliminated. The last part of our treatment involves treating or removing all tick-breeding areas in the yard to eliminate young ticks.

We know that you have things to do and waiting around for us on your appointment day isn't something you probably want to do. If you are home when we arrive, our team is happy to explain all aspects of the treatment and answer any questions. If you're not home, we'll treat your yard and leave a detailed notice of completion.


Every treatment from Mosquito Squad is covered by our 100%, money-back guarantee. If the treatment isn't completed to your satisfaction, we'll re-treatment the yard for free, or you can request a refund. In the event that the second treatment isn't satisfactory, we'll give you a 100% refund.

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