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Whether you're hosting a children's gathering or an all-adult party, itchy mosquito bites are a surefire way to ruin a good time. There's an easy solution, though: a special event mist treatment from Mosquito Squad. A mist treatment not only makes your party more fun by preventing bites and swatting, but it also protects guests, especially the elderly and young children, against diseases transmitted by these bloodthirsty pests. Our barrier treatment is quick, and we stock both traditional and naturalproducts. Contact us today to find out what we can to do to ensure that your party guests are not on the mosquitoes' dining menu.


Make sure your special event is one to remember with a Mosquito Squad barrier treatment. After gathering some quick information about the event and some details about your property, we head to your home 1-3 days before treatment. We're really flexible with scheduling because we know that you probably have lots of other appointments to deal with; however, it's ideal that we visit 24-72 hours before the event so that you get the best treatment possible. Because we want our treatment to be as convenient as possible, we don't require you to wait around for your appointment. We'll work while you're away from home and leave a notice of completion after we're done.

On the day of your treatment, our team begins by scanning your property and locating tick and mosquito feeding and harboring areas. Next, we use professional-grade backpack mist blowers to apply treatment to these areas, as well as all foliage. The solution we use kills and repels mosquitoes for the full length of your event. For extra protection, we also remove and treat any tick and mosquito breeding areas. Our treatment is very effective, as it removes 90-95 percent of mosquitoes from your property. You'll even notice a reduction in other bothersome pests, including fleas, flies, and gnats.

Over 99 percent of our customers are happy with their treatments, and we're confident that you'll be happy, too. But if there's any reason that you're not 100 percent satisfied with our work, tell us and you'll get a complete refund with no questions asked.


If you don't want synthetic chemicals misted in your yard, request an organic mist treatment. We make the solution ourselves using carefully chosen essential oils, which are picked because they give off scents that repel mosquitoes. Just like our traditional treatment, our natural solution repels many other pests, including spiders, fleas, flies, and some types of ants. While the solution works by releasing smells that pests don't like, the moderate aroma fades away into a faint scent with 2-4 hours of application. Once a full day has passed, the smell should be completely gone.

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