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Tick Control


Deer ticks and other ticks are a major problem in central Massachusetts, as they carry Lyme disease and other troublesome diseases that could cause serious harm to your family. Don’t take chances during tick season by using store-bought products that don’t solve the problem. Go with a proven solution by contacting Mosquito Squad of Leominster to discuss how we can rid your yard of ticks and other irritating pests. A 100-percent satisfaction guarantee covers all treatments, giving you the option of a refund or free re-treatment with no questions asked. Our specialists are available via phone to schedule an appointment, answer your questions, or provide a price quote.


Our tick treatment begins with a barrier treatment, which also kills mosquitoes, flies, and fleas. A team of licensed technicians visits your home and sprays a solution on cool, damp areas where ticks congregate, including near woodpiles, the bottom of fences, and tall grass. The solution instantly kills 85-90 percent of mature ticks, and the time-released design provides continued protection for up to three weeks. We also treatment the outside of your yard to create an invisible barrier that keeps pests out.

We also provide an naturalbarrier treatment that repels ticks, gnats, spiders, and mosquitoes, but doesn’t kill them. Our organic treatment uses an in-house repellent made of essential oils and a surfactant. Each year, we refine the formula, ensuring that it provides the best possible results. The organic treatment process results in a 65-80 percent tick reduction and the results continue for two weeks. Our repellent works by giving off a scent that most pests avoid. However, you won’t be able to detect the treatment’s botanical smell within 24 hours of the treatment.

We’re able to treatment your yard while you’re away from the house, and we leave a notice of completion on your door once we finish. There’s no need for you to take off from work or sacrifice your weekend plans. Mosquito Squad offers multiple treatment programs, so you can save money by paying for season-long or multi-season treatment plans in advance. If you change your mind at any time, we’ll issue a full refund for the unused barrier sprays.


While the barrier treatment eliminates mature ticks, adult female ticks lay up to 3,000 eggs at once, leaving a large number of nymph ticks that can invade your yard. We combat this by placing biodegradable cardboard tick tubes around the yard. Insecticide-treated cotton is placed inside the tubes, attracting mice that use the cotton to build housing. Nymph ticks target mice to feed on their blood, and the ticks die after biting the mice. We place the tick tubes in inconspicuous areas, and they continue working for up to six months before needing to be replaced.

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