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Mosquito Squad’s Southborough tick control keeps you safe

Living in New England has many perks — the rich history and culture, the beautiful scenery, the great people — but it also has its downsides, and a big one happens to be Lyme disease. No, not everyone here gets it, of course, the concentration of Lyme in this area is higher than anywhere else in the country. Lyme disease is such a big problem that it was officially declared an epidemic in Massachusetts in 2015. Yikes. To give you an idea of more “local” numbers, from 2000-2016, there were 5304 confirmed cases of Lyme in Worcester County, although it is estimated that number was ten times higher and closer to 53,0400, since the majority of cases are symptomatic, yet not confirmed.

But please don’t think that Lyme disease is the only tick-borne illness that we need to worry about. There are many other scary diseases that ticks can transmit, such as the Powassan virus, which is rare but fatal, and The Telegram says is becoming more common in Massachusetts. Yikes.
So what’s a person to do? Well, the Town of Southborough doesn’t help much by the way of their website, it just directs you to elsewhere via links. One of them is Mass.gov, which has some general information about tick-borne diseases, but one can find that information anywhere, and likely people only research that stuff after they’ve been bitten by a tick and start developing symptoms. It’s safe to say you’d probably not like to be in the position to need to look up symptoms of tick-borne illnesses in the first place, and we agree. That’s why we’re here.
Mosquito Squad isn’t just the most trusted name in mosquito control, we’re also the most trusted name in tick control, too. And as it happens, the same barrier treatment that we use to eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes on your property is also that effective on adult ticks, if not more. But we take it a step further than our traditional barrier treatment, because we know that NOBODY wants to see themselves or anyone else they love suffer from a tick-borne disease.

Southborough tick control – step one

We start out with your Southborough tick control just as we would with our mosquito control— by treating your yard from the outside in, applying our specially-forumalted barrier sprayto everything but bee-pollinating plants like flowers. This includes bushes, trees, grass, woodpiles, patios, and more. For tick control, we give extra attention to the tall grassy areas, because that’s where ticks are most likely to be found, breeding, resting, and feeding. It’s our job to make sure that you’re not on the menu.
Since our formula is time-released, you’ll be protected from ticks for up to 21 days, and because it adheres to everything it’s applied to, it prevents existing tick eggs from hatching, thus putting a stop to the life cycle. As with mosquito barrier treatment, we recommend reapplication every three weeks for maximum efficiency.
But then we go the extra length.

Southborough tick control — step two

Not all ticks are carriers of serious disease, but as we mentioned earlier, nobody really knows if they’ve been bitten by an infected tick until after they’ve been bitten and start developing symptoms. We’d prefer (and you probably do, too) that ticks don’t come anywhere near you or your family to begin with, which is why we have a “straight to the source” tactic by using tick tubes.

Tick tubes are small, biodegradable tubes that are stuffed with a treated cotton. We place these strategically around your property to entice small animals (usually mice), who love to take the cotton back to their burrows to nest. Ticks in the nymph stage usually feed on small animals such as these mice, so when one of them takes a bite, it is eliminated shortly afterwards. It’s this proactive measure that stops ticks at their source so that they don’t come anywhere near you or your loved ones, and is nearly 90% (possibly more) effective at reducing the tick population on your property.

Prefer an naturalalternative? Not a problem,

While all of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registered, we also offer an all-natural, botanical treatment option for those individuals who want to avoid synthetics and be as eco-conscious as possible. Using a formula comprised mainly of essential oils, this barrier treatment solution focuses more on repelling pests than eliminating them. While not quite as effective as our traditional mosquito and tick control treatment, it still does an incredible job — most customers notice a reduction in yard pests between 65-80%. Our naturalformula is also time released, lasting up to two weeks.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mosquito Squad is confident you’ll be happy with our products and services, but if there’s any reason you’re not, let us know and we’ll either re-treat your yard or offer your money back — no questions asked. But we also know that a company is only as good as its reputation, so we encourage you to click the Google graphic on the right to read nearly 200 reviews about us from local homeowners.

Take back your yard this summer while protecting your loved ones from serious tick-borne diseases. Contact Mosquito Squad today for worry-free Southborough tick control all season long.

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