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With 46,081 residents calling Texas City home, it is by no means a small city and being so close to a large body of water like Galveston Bay, it is no wonder why there is such a bad mosquito problem. Mosquitoes are able to travel over 150 miles from their place of birth, so cities that are close to the bay are especially vulnerable to mosquitoes. They come in hordes, attacking anything that moves; They're not just an annoying pest, they can also potentially harbor deadly diseases such as West Nile & Zika virus. Using standard, consumer sprays isn’t usually the best option as they can be quite ineffective unless you're drenched in repellent. Mosquitoes find their next meal by following Co2 odor leading them straight to you and your family, so without something to block your scent, they'll still make their way towards you. Here at Mosquito Squad of Houston, we provide the barrier for your yard that you have been looking for. You don’t have to worry about going to the store and picking the right solution anymore, we make it as easy as possible by suggesting the best solutions for your property. Our products include an incredibly effective barrier treatment & our one-time special event sprays.


Completely custom tailored to meet the needs of your yard, our mosquito barrier treatment is planned to fit your schedule. As our most requested solution, Mosquito Squad of Houston's barrier treatments will leave you completely worry-free as you, your family won't have to be concerned with being attacked by mosquitoes’ every time you step out onto your property. Implementing our specialized, time-released mosquito control formula, our product completely kills fleas & ticks on contact while also eliminating adult mosquitoes. Effectively repelling & eliminating all disease causing pests that attempt to come to your home, our mosquito barrier treatment also does a terrific job at controlling other insects such as gnats and chiggers.

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The process begins with making an appointment for your first treatment. Our certified professionals take about 15-20 minutes to carry out a treatment, and then it's a short 30-minute wait time before you can return to your new bug free property. For maximum effectiveness, we come back out every two to three weeks to repeat this process depending on the size of your yard. For extra scheduling flexibility, you don't even need to be at home for the treatment to be carried out; your certified technician will just leave you a detailed notice indicating what service was carried out. Realizing that you may have questions or concerns, we will have a technician walk your property with you while addressing all of your questions and concerns.


Being recognized as the leaders in mosquito extermination across the United States, we sent the bar so high for mosquito control that none of our competitors can come close to providing anything close to the same results. Our company wasn't founded on just ridding your property of mosquitoes; we're pros in making sure they don't even come back. We're so sure in the product that we provide a full guarantee for all of our solutions. If you are not 100% satisfied, you get an entire refund; it's as easy as that with no strings attached. We're incredibly proud to be serving Texas City and the greater Houston Area, and we are completely commitment to our clients in providing the absolute best mosquito control service available. So rest easy, Mosquito Squad will be protecting you from the hazards that mosquitoes possess. When you're looking for a mosquito control company, don't just search for just any exterminator, search for the professionals that are going to do the job right.

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