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Set 40 miles northwest of Houston, Magnolia is a quaint town in which around 2,000 residents call home. The sultry summers and mild winters make it an ideal location to have a house in and eventually start a family. But as with most good things in life, there's usually a catch. That catch is in the form of a 2.5-milligram, blood-sucking insect better known as the mosquito. The mosquito, especially in the areas around Houston, can harbor deadly diseases such as the Zika Virus & the West Nile Virus. They're not just the annoying creatures that most people like to think they are; they can also infect and contribute to the death of its host. With over 600,000 people dead every year as a result of the mosquito, they should never be taken lightly especially if you have a family. Sure, you could stock up on the average mosquito control sprays and repellents, but they only work so well. When a mosquito picks up on the Co2 trail, it's hard for them to be dissuaded from their target regardless of what mist was used to protect yourself. In comes Mosquito Squad Houston, we offer three main products that each have their own unique purpose. Our barrier treatment is for 360 degrees of yard protection and our special event mist is for large gatherings.


When thinking of products that can give your yard 360 degrees of protection it can be hard. 30 candles around your yard perhaps? Or maybe 15 of those mosquito repellent systems that hang on stands. Our point being, protection that covers your entire yard and not just a small section of your patio, usually doesn't exist in the consumer market. Mosquito foggers would probably be the closest, but the protection fades after a short period. Our mosquito barrier sprays give your yard the protection it needs to repel all mosquitoes. The treatment also handles other insects such as gnats, flies, midges & ticks. With 21-days of continuous protection, we'll be shocked if you don't fully believe our product is fantastic.

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Usually when a company makes bold claims such as "the best ______ in the area!", They often fall short. Seldom found is the modest business in this day and age, which is why we set out to be different in a sea of bad marketing lingo. Our no hassle, professional service is just that, no hassle & professional. We don't sell products that you don't need, and we don't force you to sign contracts either we don't need customers that are coerced to be with us. Our products speak for themselves which is why we have so much repeat business, year after year. It starts with a simple phone call to Mosquito Squad Houston, from there we just need a day and time to come out to check out your property. We'll then come out and check the yard for any potential issues that could cause issues in the future, things like containers with stagnant water as these could spread even more mosquitoes throughout your yard. We then mist the perimeter of the yard while looking out for any areas where mosquitoes could hide. From there once the mist has dried you will then have protection for up to three weeks long only from Mosquito Squad Houston!


Recognized on a national scale as the leading authority on mosquito control, Mosquito Squad Houston is the thought-leader for the Houston area. We're not just another mosquito control company, we proactively create and refine our products to ensure they don't stagnate in the ever growing mosquito control market. It's a full-time job worrying about having the best products, and we're sure that we have that part down. We collectively pull from thousands of hours of experience from other franchises across the United States which allows us to stay 2 steps ahead of the competition at all times. Here at Mosquito Squad, we're proud to be serving the Magnolia and the greater Houston area. To actively protect you and your family against the dangerous mosquitoes that will come to your yard this summer.

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