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When living in Lake Jackson, a city right off of the Gulf of Mexico, it's easy to tell how a city so close to a large body of water would be inundated with mosquitoes, especially in the summer time. As mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water, they'll eventually hatch and emerge from the water and travel distances that would rival most animals. Some mosquitoes even fly an unheard of distance of 200 miles, think of how many meals it would have to have to sustain itself! So when handling these mosquitoes that come from miles around it's best to have a mosquito control solution that not only works but are cost effective. Consumers have been disappointed with consumer mosquito control products since their inception, but most feel as though this is the only solution. The main issue with these products is their effective area that they cover, which in many cases, is only a few feet around the product. So to have max effectiveness, you'd have to carry around a candle all night. Annoying, but it's what it would take. Fortunately for the residents of Lake Jackson, Mosquito Squad Houston is here to save the day from the diseases that mosquitoes carry. With products that cover the entire yard, rest assured that this is the solution to ensure a mosquito-free summer.


Our barrier sprays aren't just effective at repelling and taking out mosquitoes; they're also highly effective at eliminating other insects such as flies and ticks. Our barrier sprays work by utilizing a plant-based compound that effectively rids your yard of mosquitoes. Sprayed around the perimeter of the yard, the barrier treatment has a lasting protection of up to 3 weeks. Try getting more than three days of protection, let alone three weeks, out of the garden-variety mosquito treatment from your local hardware store. Once you experience the Mosquito Squad barrier sprays, you'll be amazed at the results our products can bring to your yard.

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Experience our no hassle, professional service; it's a slogan that some of our customers feel is a bit gimmicky but once they see the products and our services that we offer they quickly change their tune. Our no hassle service starts with the very first phone call, we'll schedule a day and time that best suits your needs and we're very flexible on that. We then send out a technician to survey the area, assess any problem areas in which mosquitoes could breed such as containers of stagnant water & make a suggestion for your yard. Most of the time, our mosquito barrier treatment will be recommended. We then will treatment around the entire yard, paying close attention to hidden areas such as under large leaves. It usually takes around thirty minutes to apply and another thirty minutes to dry, once dry you'll then have a yard that is 99.9% protected against mosquitoes and other pest insects for up to three weeks!


Mosquito Squad Houston, apart of a company that is recognized across the United States as the authority in mosquito control. Founded as a result of our lighting technicians from our sister company needed mosquito protection when installing outdoor lighting fixtures, our barrier treatment was born. Our products are very much different from any other products on the market today, we've spent our entire existence refining our products with the feedback from hundreds of other franchises. We utilize plant-based compounds on top of traditional compounds to create our superior products and sprays. As a company serving Lake Jackson & the greater Houston area, we're proud to offer the best in mosquito control. We don't just eliminate the mosquitoes in your yard, we actively protect you from the dangers of disease-causing mosquitoes.

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