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Located in Missouri City, Sienna Plantation is a master-planned community. Running about 30 miles south of Houston, it has over 13,000 residents that reside within. The community also hosts a few human-made lakes within the border as well such as the Clear, Sawmill & Thompson Lake. It also borders the Brazos River, which in turn tends to bring over a certain undesirable insect, the mosquito. The mosquito is not only annoying and an overall dampener of your summer, but it's also the potential host of deadly diseases. These diseases are responsible for the deaths of over 700,000 people every year. Don't think that these diseases are only in certain countries; they're transmitted by mosquitoes all over the world, and Sienna Plantation is no exception to this. Mosquitoes aren't discriminatory insects, if there is a pulse then the mosquito will have its next meal. Here at Mosquito Squad of Houston, we aim to put a stop to mosquitoes by offering sprays and mosquito control systems that counteract the mosquitoes natural ability to fly and in turn, won't be able to bite you. We're so confident in our products ability to give you a mosquito-free year that we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.


Our barrier sprays not only have the ability to rid your yard of mosquitoes that can bring diseases but other insects that can annoy you as well such as flies, gnats & ticks. Our sprays go above and beyond what you can buy at the store and the overall effectiveness is nearly tripled. No longer do you have to worry about stocking up on candles, repellents, and sprays that may or may not even work in the first place. The longevity cannot be matched as our sprays actively protect your yard with an invisible barrier, stopping mosquitoes in their tracks. So go ahead, give us a call. You'll be amazed at the results our sprays can bring to your yard in Sienna Plantation.

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Reinventing the term "No hassle, professional service, " our company set out to improve our own processes a few years ago, and we've been following what we preach ever since. No hassle means just that; you won't ever be sold a treatment that you don't need, and we're not going to over treatment your yard to make an extra dollar as the "other" guys might do. We're also very flexible in scheduling a time to come if it's during our business hours we should have no problem having someone come out to your property during the time frame. So when you're ready to give us a quick call and let us know the best time to come out to your property, we'll make sure to arrive prepared and on time. From there, we survey the area ensuring that any sort of containers such as trash can lids, flower pots or anything else is overturned so no water can collect and turn stagnant. We then treatment the property with our patented barrier treatment, which takes around 30 minutes to be fully applied. Then there's another 30 minutes for waiting, from there you'll have a backyard that's mosquito free for up to 3 weeks!


When Mosquito Squad was founded in 2005, it was a rather interesting start. Our sister company which set up outdoor lighting for residential homes, had a need for mosquito protection while setting up lighting. So eventually a barrier treatment was created just for our lighting technicians we then refined it more and more until it became second nature to use it for all trips to a customer's home. Fast forward ten years and there's now hundreds of franchises across the United States with Mosquito Squad of Houston being the franchise for the greater Houston area and we've been growing ever since. Mosquito Squad of Houston's goal has always been to not just eliminate mosquitoes but to actively prevent them from returning to your yard. No one should ever have to fear their backyard and it's that belief that holds true to this day, we go above and beyond to ensure you and your family is safe.

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