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Knowing that there's a staggering 2 million plus people in Houston, it's easy to see how mosquitoes would consider this city a great breeding ground. Coming from as close as the Buffalo Bayou and as far as East Bay, mosquitoes are everywhere you look, and it takes a little bit more than personal mosquito repellant to stop them. A lot of people tend to use candles, traps and other solutions that may or may not completely work, and we understand the confusion of this. Which product works? Which one is going to help you? Thankfully, Mosquito Squad Houston offers fully customized mosquito solutions for your family's mosquito worries. At Mosquito Squad Houston, we offer only the very best barrier sprays and one-time special event sprays to keep any occasion mosquito free.


Our mosquito barrier sprays are our best-selling mosquito solution and for good reason. With our very own industry defining time release formula, your property will be completely protected from mosquitoes for up to three weeks. That means no buzzing stinging pests ruining your free time in your backyard. The most significant fact about this solution is that it doesn’t repel just mosquitoes; it also repels other disease causing insects like ticks, flies and fleas. This solution will give you the ease of mind that you deserve by not having to deal with the constant application with other products. One of our qualified professionals will do all of the work for you, they will even walk around your yard with you and explain how our service works while addressing any concerns you may have.

Experience Our No Hassle, Professional Service

Once you schedule an appointment, one of our experts will come out to your home and apply one of our barrier sprays. One application takes on roughly around 20 minutes, depending on the size of your yard. Once treated, all you have to do is stay out of the yard for 30 minutes for the solution to dry and you and your family are safe to go back into your yard. You don’t even have to be at home when your technician is scheduled to come out. If you are not at home, after treating your yard, your expert will leave a label on your door indicating what treatment was carried out. We will also take a look at your property and remove any mosquito breeding areas every time we come out to treat your Porter backyard.


We're always referred to as the "Experts in Mosquito Extermination" as we don't just do mosquito abatement, we use the appropriate solutions to keep the mosquitoes from coming back. With The Squad, you can relax knowing we have a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with our service. We are pleased to now be assisting the greater Houston area as well as Porter. We are fully committed to providing our clients with the peace of mind that goes along with knowing your exterminator isn't just an exterminator but a licensed professional. An expert in protecting you from the diseases that mosquitoes potentially can carry. So don't just call just any exterminator, call an expert, call someone who will succeed.

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