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With a little more than 18,000 residents & being in such proximity to a lake, it should come as no surprise that the residents of Dickinson are consistently bothered by mosquitoes. Finding ways to deal with the swarms of mosquitoes can also be a problem within itself; as there are many options to pick from and they usually all say the same thing, gets rid of mosquitoes. The issue is that they don't all effectively eliminate mosquitoes, most of them have a small active radius around the product which mosquitoes can easily get around. It's become the norm for millions of residents across the United States. Luckily for Dickinson residents, we have the mosquito control products that not only eliminate but prevent mosquitoes. Once you see the product in action, we guarantee you'll be satisfied more than using the traditional consumer mosquito control products you're used to. At Mosquito Squad Houston we handle mosquitoes and other pest insects on a near daily basis by utilizing our patented EPA-certified barrier sprays and our one-time special event sprays.


If looking for an effective, yet simple solution for your mosquito woes than look no further than our mosquito barrier sprays. They're the best treatment as they effectively eliminate and repel mosquitoes that attempt to enter your yard on a daily basis. A single yard treatment from Mosquito Squad provides an unprecedented two to three-week protection from mosquitoes. Our barrier treatments not only prevent and eliminate mosquitoes but also protect against other pest insects such as gnats and flies. Our invisible barrier is sure to please as it completely covers the yard as opposed to just a small radius when dealing with consumer-grade mosquito control products.

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We're defining the term "no hassle" with all of our services; we tend to go above and beyond what the "other" guys do for mosquito control. From the first phone call to the end of the season treatment, we aim to provide the best possible service. To get started, give us a call, and we'll set up an appointment for us to come on out. One of our professionals will be dispatched to your location within the specified time frame and date. When at your property, we then look around to determine which areas need to be eliminated such as buckets of stagnant water or bundled up tarps that could hold water. We then apply our patented treatment around the perimeter of your yard, paying close attention to any areas in which a mosquito could potentially be hiding. The treatment takes around 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes for everything to dry. Once dried, you now have a backyard that will be fly, gnat & mosquito free for up to three weeks!


Named leaders on a national scale with our mosquito control services, Mosquito Squad Houston goes above and beyond what the usual mosquito control company will do. We not only eliminate mosquitoes but we proactively prevent them from visiting again via our invisible barrier treatment. You can also fully trust our services as we offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with all services, we're that confident in our work that a simple guarantee won't affect us in the slightest. As a company that is serving Dickinson and the greater Houston area, we're fully invested in not only having the best mosquito control services but the best mosquito control experience. Our experience is what keeps our clients coming back year after year, month after month. Our aim is to ensure you have mosquito-free summers, so you can get back to enjoying your yard in Dickinson.

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