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Located southwest of Houston, Pecan Grove is home to over 15,000 residents, and as with most cities in the greater Houston area, they're tired of dealing with mosquitoes. Annoying, nasty little insects that are capable of spreading numerous mosquito-borne illnesses depending on which one bites you. It almost becomes a game of odds where you're bound to lose eventually. Most people know someone or have heard of someone who was infected via a mosquito bite, yet we trust our safety to mosquito products that are bought off of a shelf from the closest supermarket. You deserve a better mosquito control solution, one where you're not slathering yourself with mosquito repellent or lighting eight foul-smelling mosquito repellent candles in your backyard. Here at Mosquito Squad Houston, we offer a few solutions for your mosquito woes, all are efficient and have their own uses. Our first is our mosquito barrier treatment, which is by far our most popular, which is perfect for surrounding a yard with mosquito protection. Our special event treatment is for those who have a party coming up and want protection for everyone there.


Our mosquito barrier sprays aren't your average treatment that you treatment around your yard. They're a result of years of research and design, they're field-tested and utilized by all of the Mosquito Squad locations in the United States. These sprays create an invisible "barrier" that only affects mosquitoes and other insects such as gnats or flies. You won't ever see our sprays affecting animal or plant life. Our sprays also last up to 21 days, which in the industry is much more than what the competition offers to better give you the mosquito-free experience that you're looking for. Once you schedule and appointment to see the power of our solution, you'll never look back!

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Bringing the experience of no hassle service is something that we've spent years refining, it's become a part of our company identity in a way. It starts with the first call to one of our trained operators who are always ready to take your call; we'll schedule an appointment that works best for your schedule. You won't find vague timeframes here (such as 8 am - 4 pm), we'll be there on the day and time that it's planned for. From there we'll be out to your house to take a look at your yard to figure out the best solution, which will usually be a barrier treatment. While there, we also overturn any containers that could contain stagnant water; we do this to ensure we eliminate any mosquito larvae before they have a chance to hatch. We then apply the barrier treatment around the fence line of your yard, once dried you'll have an invisible barrier that blocks mosquitoes and other pest insects for up to three weeks. Simple & hassle free.


Nationally known as the top mosquito control experts, Mosquito Squad has built their reputation off of great service, good reviews & unbeatable products. Our barrier treatment was the first product we offered, and it was this treatment that shook up the mosquito control industry for the better. From there Mosquito Squad has been expanded across the United States, serving thousands of businesses and homeowners. Mosquito Squad Houston, the local Mosquito Squad franchise draws from the collective experience of all of the franchise locations. By each location giving their feedback on customers, products & services we're able to continually improve our own services. By enhancing our services year after year, we're always able to stay ahead of the competition to offer the best mosquito control protection that can be found in the greater Houston area.

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