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Alvin, home to over 24,000 people and located very close to Houston. It should come as no surprise that mosquitoes are an everyday occurrence for the residents of Alvin. Residents often deal with the droves of mosquitoes that inevitably come from nearby bodies of water with consumer bought sprays & repellents. These solutions usually aren't effective 100% of the time, certain times and days you might find yourself still getting bitten regardless of the amount of mist that you had put on. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, residents haven't had other options besides the consumer-grade products and less-than-effective mosquito control companies until now. Mosquito Squad Houston provides mosquito relief to Alvin and the greater Houston area, priding ourselves on having only the very best barrier sprays and mosquito misting systems. We've slowly become the go-to professionals of the Houston area and for a good reason. We effectively help residents on a daily basis with our patented EPA-certified barrier sprays & our ultra-effective mosquito misting system. We're sure that once you call and set up an appointment, you'll be blown away by our attention to detail and overall service.


Our barrier sprays go above and beyond what you'll ever be able to receive from a consumer grade mosquito control product. Most products have a tiny effective radius around them, meaning, a candle will never be able to handle an entire yard as its effective range is never more than a few feet. Sure, you could light 30 candles in your backyard, but there will still be spots where mosquitoes can sneak through and bite your family regardless. Which is why we offer a barrier treatment that provides protection to the entire yard for up to 21 days. It also effectively blocks other pest insects such as flies, gnats or midges. So go ahead, give us a call. We guarantee you'll be satisfied or we'll give you your money back.

Experience Our No Hassle, Professional Service

The "no hassle, professional service" moniker isn't just a gimmick, it's everything we stand for as a company. From the first contact, we guide you through the entire process. An appointment will be made and from there we take care of the rest. We will then send out a mosquito control professional to your property at the specified date & time. When there we then check the entire yard for any problem areas, such as areas in which mosquitoes could breed and bring even more of them to your backyard; areas such as plastic containers, flower pots & tarps are the usual offenders. We then take around half an hour, which is about the average amount of time, to mist your entire yard. Then we wait for another 30 minutes to ensure everything has dried properly. Once dried, you now have a yard that will be mosquito free for up to 3 weeks. So go ahead, give a call to the Squad for treatment.


Fully established nationally as one of the top mosquito control companies, Mosquito Squad Houston doesn't only kill the mosquitoes we prevent them from ever coming back. After years of testing, field testing & compound formulation changes we can fully say that we have the best mosquito control sprays on the market today. It's our 100% satisfaction guarantee that reaffirms our beliefs as we don't mind taking a risk that it might not work, it's just who we are as professionals. We're proud to be serving Alvin and the greater Houston area with our products that can be called the best in mosquito control today. We aim to be more than just the average joe exterminator, we're highly trained & highly education professionals that stop at nothing to shield you from the dangers of mosquitoes and what they could be harboring.

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