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How are April Showers Bring More Mosquitoes?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 24, 2015

With the weather finally starting to show signs of summer, the weeks of endless rain are right around the corner. Mosquito populations can be greatly affected by storms and larger amounts of precipitation. You may think you’re prepared to fight off mosquitoes after picking up a can of bug repellent and maintaining a positive attitude, but a little knowledge on the subject can better prepare you this mosquito season. Our first goal at Mosquito Squad of Chicago is to provide you with the knowledge you need to be able to make an informed decision on how best to protect your family from mosquitoes this season.

Mosquitoes need water to be able to thrive; they lay their eggs in it and spend the first part of their life as a water-dwelling insect before their wings have fully grown. The more rain, the more puddles, and the more places that mosquitoes can and will lay eggs. Once the rain has started to hit the Chicagoland area, it is important to deal with any areas in your yard that may have accumulated water such as toys and tarps. It is especially important to keep up on pooling water if you live in close proximity to a pond, creek, or another body of water that remains still. Even puddles can be prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes which tend to stay within a couple of hundred yards of their breeding area. Assess any areas in your yard that seem to allow for pooling and consider if filling them in or developing a better drainage system might be plausible. These things can all cut down on the size of the mosquito population around your yard, but the most effective defense is through regular mosquito barrier sprays that not only kill mosquitoes but keep them from coming back to your yard.

You have probably noticed that mosquitoes also prefer warmer weather and are most active within the hour before and after both sunrise and sunset. But, among some of the things you may not know about mosquitoes includes their ability to detect prey through sensing the carbon dioxide we exhale while breathing as well as detecting body heat emanating from us. This is why mosquitoes seem to be especially bad after you’ve been running outside or working in the yard. They can sense where you are.

Whether you plan on making some immediate changes around your yard or you just plan on avoiding the outdoors altogether, professional mosquito control is something you should be considering for your family and home. Our mission at Mosquito Squad of Chicago is not only to provide you with comfort while enjoying your yard but also to protect you from the inconvenience and potential dangers that mosquitoes can pose. That’s why we offer multiple solutions to fit your mosquito problem. Everything from season-long barrier treatment packages or the installation of a mosquito misting system, to a one time mist for a special event or party.

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