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Austin Mosquito & Tick Control Services

There’s no way around it: mosquitoes are annoying, and they don’t deserve to have control over your yard. These tiny creatures cause itchy bites and are also known to carry a variety of diseases. You deserve to enjoy the outdoors during the best months of the year, and Mosquito Squad is here to make sure that you do. Our Austin mosquito control team is ready to be the complete solution that you need for all your tick and mosquito prevention needs.

Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin is not a stranger to mosquito control. In 2005, we invented the Protective Barrier Treatment and changed the way that mosquito, tick, fire ant and flea control is handled. Our technicians have brought the fight to bugs over 2 million times since and helped over 300,000 families enjoy the outdoors again. We’ve developed treatment plans that will get you through the season free of bites in the Austin area, including Manchaca and Rollingwood. If you are having a special event, you can also depend on Mosquito Squad to ensure your guests can focus on the event without swatting away mosquitoes.

About Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin

The Best Mosquito Control Services in Greater Austin

Every technician from Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin is fully licensed and qualified to administer mosquito treatment. When our highly trained technician arrives at your home, they will begin to create a custom plan to end the control that mosquitoes have on your yard. We will identify problem areas, focus on those, and then spray a barrier that prevents more bugs from entering your yard. Call the Squad today for help at (512) 456-9954


All our products are made using EPA-registered products. Being responsible is important to us, and our products are designed to be both safe and effective. After we finish spraying outside of your Austin home, you only need to wait 30 minutes before going outside. After we finish our control treatments, you will see the tick and mosquito population around your house reduce by up to 90%. Why should you trust? Because we back all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know you’ll love our work and will correct any issues at no extra cost.