Pest Control in Tarrytown, TX for Ants, Mosquitoes, Ticks, and More

Don’t fight with biting, stinging pests any longer. Call Mosquito Squad for highly effective pest control in Tarrytown, TX, for ants, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

If you love tree-canopied streets, historic nature preserves, and waterfront dining with a slower way of life than Austin, Tarrytown is the place for you. It’s also a perfect home for crawling, buzzing, stinging, and biting pests. Get in touch with Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin for reliable pest control in Tarrytown, TX, including mosquito control, tick control, flea control, and fire ant extermination.

Mosquito Control Tarrytown, TX

With our Tarrytown mosquito control treatment options, you can get the help you need to keep mosquitoes at bay year-round. 

We offer a traditional mosquito barrier treatment that's registered by the EPA to meet local and federal regulations. Before we perform this treatment, we go to your property and look for log piles, standing water, and other areas where mosquitoes may be present. Next, we make a custom plan to spray your property. We then complete your mosquito treatment, which helps reduce the mosquito population by up to 90% and it delivers results that last about three weeks. 

Along with our traditional treatment for mosquitoes in Tarrytown, we offer a natural option that's non-toxic, non-synthetic, and aromatic. Our natural mosquito treatment is water-based and made out of essential oils. It helps minimize the mosquito population on your property for approximately two weeks. 

Tarrytown, TX Tick Control 

Mosquito Squad is a trusted choice for Tarrytown tick control. We understand the dangers that come with Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Our team works diligently to address ticks on your property before they can cause long-lasting problems. 

 Our traditional tick control treatment involves spraying a perimeter around your property. Also, we focus on eliminating ticks on their breeding grounds. This enables us to provide you with a complete tick control treatment. 

In addition to our traditional option, we offer biodegradable tick tubes. Our tick control technicians strategically place these tubes around your property. The tubes are filled with insecticide-soaked cotton, which attracts mice. When mice pick up the cotton, they'll carry it to their nests. Meanwhile, ticks that latch on to these mice and are brought to their nests will die as soon as they come into contact with the insecticide-soaked cotton. 

Flea Exterminators Tarrytown, Texas

Fleas are pesky and frustrating. They can also bite you frequently and cause your skin to itch and feel irritated. If you are dealing with fleas in Tarrytown, Mosquito Squad has you covered. 

We offer a Tarrytown flea extermination service that delivers outstanding results. We look for tall grass and other areas on your property where fleas harbor and breed. From here, we spray these areas and stop fleas from spreading. 

Tarrytown Fire Ant Control

No one wants to deal with the sting of a fire ant. Yet, fire ants can quickly invade your Tarrytown property. If you try to ignore these ants, they won't go away on their own. 

At Mosquito Squad, we offer a Tarrytown fire ant control treatment that helps you reclaim your outdoor space. Our technicians can apply a protective barrier treatment across your property. This treatment kills fire ants outside of the colony. 

We also use baits, broadcast granules, and a specific drench that goes directly into fire ant mounds. These help us control the population of fire ants on your property for an extended period of time.   

Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin encourages you to contact us with any questions you might have about our pest control services, or to begin your pest control services. Call (512) 456-9954.


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