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Pest Control Avery Ranch TX, Tick and Mosquito Control, Flea and Ant Extermination

End your search for pest control in Avery Ranch TX with Mosquito Squad of Austin. Our tick, mosquito, flea, and fire ant control services are guaranteed.

Just 20 miles outside of Austin, lies our beautiful Avery Ranch. If you are looking for a community that offers many options for outdoor activities, this is the place for you. From golfing to hiking and biking, Avery Ranch is a place for those who love being out in nature. The only issue is what awaits us there! The areas outside your Avery Ranch home could be a biting or stinging pest’s paradise. Your beautifully landscaped yard can make for a perfect mosquito breeding ground, tick haven, or fire ant’s utopia. Mosquito Squad of Austin is here with proven and effective pest control in Avery Ranch to help keep your whole family protected.

Mosquito Pest Control Avery Ranch

There’s nothing like trying to ward off buzzing mosquitoes while trying to enjoy your morning coffee or your quiet evening outdoors. And the problem is not just in mosquitoes’ ability to annoy us and drive us back indoors, their bites can have adverse effects. From simple skin irritation to a severe bite allergy to a mosquito-borne illness, like West Nile virus, mosquitoes can turn from a nuisance to a danger in one bite. Mosquito Squad of Austin offers proven mosquito control solutions. Dating all the way back to 2005, our traditional barrier mosquito control treatment can turn your backyard from a mosquito haven to a human and pet haven. This formula can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes on your Avery Ranch property for about 21 days between sprays. If you choose our natural mosquito control spray, you can expect an 80-85% elimination of the mosquitoes on your property for about 14 days between sprays. 

Avery Ranch TX Tick Control 

There’s no good place for ticks in your Avery Ranch yard. Out of sight is not out of mind when it comes to ticks. You see, ticks are patient pests. They lie in wait for their next blood target to show himself. That target could be a woodland animal, like a squirrel, groundhog, or mouse. It could also be you, your child, or your beloved pet. If you wish to avoid such a scenario, Mosquito Squad of Austin offers Avery Ranch TX tick control solutions by way of our traditional barrier protection spray, as well as our natural yard spray. That’s right – you can be protected from ticks and mosquitoes with your choice of one solution! Why is it important to ward off ticks rather than to gamble on being able to avoid them? As you probably know, ticks can make you sick, just like mosquitoes. One bite from an infected tick can present lifelong health problems. As there are many tick-borne illnesses that do not have cures, it is advisable to protect your property with Avery Ranch tick control instead of later attempting to address the health consequences of a tick bite.

Flea Exterminators Avery Ranch Texas

Fleas are a problem. They multiply at alarming rates. So much so that if you are seeing the first flea, you can almost be assured that there is an army of fleas behind it. Just as one flea can be a harbinger of a full infestation, one flea bite can be a precursor to illnesses. What types of sickness can you get from flea bites? Bubonic plague, typus, and tapeworm are just three flea-borne illnesses. At best, fleas are an extreme nuisance. Their bites are plentiful. They are itchy. They are unwanted. If you want to protect your home and family from the threat of fleas, call Mosquito Squad of Austin, your knowledgeable and effective flea exterminators in Avery Ranch Texas.

Avery Ranch Fire Ant Control

If you have been a Texas resident for any length of time, you have probably inadvertently run upon fire ants. There is no doubt that these are some of the harshest stings one can be subjected to, and from the tiniest of sources! How can something so small hurt so much?  There is no reason for you to encounter these tiny terrorists in your yard when you have Mosquito Squad for your Avery Ranch fire ant control company. Our fire ant control technicians are experts at identifying the sources of your fire ant problems and interrupting them before they get further out of hand. So, don’t trust your ant control to old wives’ tales and newfangled DIY solutions. Call Mosquito Squad of Austin instead.

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