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Mosquito Squad of Austin owner Karyn Brown joined the Mosquito Squad team in 2013 and has delivered the quality service that Mosquito Squad is known for ever since. We promise that our trained and licensed technicians will show up when expected, wear company uniforms, and arrive in an official vehicle. We’ve gotten where we are with customers service—if you have any problems with our service we guarantee that we will take every step to make it right!

Our Protective Barrier Treatment revolutionized the mosquito control industry in 2005. Since then, Mosquito Squad has helped over 300,000 families take control of their backyard once again. Treatments last for up to 21 days and reduce the presence of bugs in your backyard by up to 90%! The only good mosquito is a dead one—and we are ready to help you enjoy the outdoors once again. Call us today at (512) 488-5331 for a free estimate in Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown, Austin and beyond.

The only good mosquito is a dead one! Call our Pflugerville mosquito control experts today at (512) 488-5331 for a free estimate.

Meet the Team

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    Karyn Brown Owner
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    Karen Marquardt Office Manager
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