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Travis Heights Pest Control in Austin TX for Mosquitoes, Ticks, and More

If you are searching for pest control in Travis Heights, count on Mosquito Squad for guaranteed mosquito control, tick control, flea control, and fire ant extermination.

Travis Heights is a likely sought-after location for pests. Lush private yards, mature live oaks, and natural surroundings are perfect spots for the likes of mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and ants to make their humble abodes. Of course, if you are walking on the Blunn Creek Greenbelt or visiting one of the local parks, you must practice personal protection from these pests. At home, you can count on Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin for all your Travis Heights pest control requirements.

Mosquito Pest Control in Travis Heights Austin Texas

You love Travis Heights, your neighbors love Travis Heights, and so do mosquitoes. Ample rainfall and warm temperatures make Central Texas a pleasant place for mosquitoes to live and breed. Austin is home to a good amount of mosquito predators, like bats and birds. However, we cannot rely on Mother Nature alone to protect us from mosquito bites. That’s why Mosquito Squad makes a home in Austin too! Our natural pest control for mosquitoes and our EPA-registered barrier protection mosquito control spray help eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard! Once your home or business is on our spray schedule, you needn’t lift another finger to deploy your next mosquito control spray. We’ll be back around ever two or three weeks to help keep your property protected.

Travis Heights Austin Tick Control

These sneaky pests are lurking in and around your yard in Travis Heights. You don’t readily see them, but that’s why ticks are responsible for more than 400,000 believed cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. each year. They hide in shady areas with long blades of grass or ample underbrush to protect them from direct sunlight. And in doing so, they wait for you or another target to simply walk close enough for them to grab hold, seeking their required blood meal to carry into their next phase of life or to reproduce. Our Travis Heights tick control experts will not only find potential tick habitats on your property, but they will also treat these areas with our barrier protection spray, which kills them on contact, and continues to work for about three weeks.

Flea Exterminators Travis Heights Austin TX

One flea, two fleas, three fleas, more! Fleas are some of the most prolific breeders in nature. According to one study, it is said that only 10 female fleas can result in 250,000 fleas in different stages of life in only 30 days’ time. Yeah, so if you see a flea, you surely have more on your property. Mosquito Squad’s Travis Heights flea exterminators are on the case with proven flea control and protection that will make your Travis Heights home and property a safer, happier place to be – for you, your children, and your pets!

Travis Heights Austin Texas Fire Ant Exterminators

The painful sting from a fire ant can ruin any outdoor activity. Whether you are performing regular yard maintenance, playing with your pets, or hosting a community barbecue, fire ants are simply unwanted. The great news is that Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin offers guaranteed Travis Heights pest control that includes fire ant extermination and protection. Don’t waste a moment on purported home remedies for fire ant control. Put your trust in the trained, experienced, and knowledgeable fire ant exterminators at Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin.

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